Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Bird and The Cat

….oh, hey, it’s nothing, this week I just saw an amazing act of mind bagoggling nature. That’s all.

I was watching tv like I usually do and heard a loud squawking bird. This usually means a blue bird is around. More specifically, a Western Scrub Jay…

(If you’re in to birds and stuff) (stuff was important enough to type in) (the parentheses are indeed necessary)

I decided to look out of the window to see it, and instead saw a stranger cat walking outside, on the ground, in my backyard. Kind of normal right? WRONG! Immediately I looked behind it and saw this blue bird yelling, squawking, and following this cat. Sure, the cat casually walked while looking behind it while it walked, but it was still amazing! It was literally like one of those jokes that say “so, a bird chases a cat into a bar…”

Did these two animals go to a bar together? I don’t know. When I got up to look closer the bird flew away. But, I’d like to think they met up again somewhere… as friends of course. Not as dinner.

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