Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It’s Wilde

Today is really cool and a little sad for me; Bo Burnham is going to be on Conan tonight, so even if one person sees this, WATCH!! He’s hilarious. I’m so excited :) I definitely can’t hide it… I tried to early, it didn’t work.
However, it’s a little sad, because today is the day Oscar Wilde died. He was an amazing writer of the 1800’s. He died today in 1900. I think he was sooo beyond his time. He had amazing insight. By reading his quotes, I realized that people were exactly the same then as they are now. Here’s one:
Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.
I thought people were only like that nowadays, not back then. Here’s a few more I just happen to like:
A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world
I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying
Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go
Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong
The nicest feeling in the world is to do a good deed anonymously--and have somebody find out
I love talking about nothing; it is the only thing I know anything about
There are many things that we would throw away if we were not afraid that others might pick them up
So, help me honor the great Oscar Wilde. Look his name up, and find some quotes that you like. Believe me, there are bound to be many.
I’ll leave you with the supposedly last thing he wrote before he died. By the way, you should look up his history too. Just to see what his life was like. It’s sad how things turned out.
My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or the other of us has got to go
Until Next Time

Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Cyber

A hi and hello to you too! As we all know, or at least should know, it’s Cyber Monday today. The day people get incredible savings online!... At least that’s what THEY tell you! (yes, the elusive “they” no one can ever know about or see)
I have another interpretation of Cyber Monday. I’ll get to it, but first this past Friday was Black Friday, right? Well, ever wonder why it’s called BLACK Friday? Yes, I know, you probably have, well, I’ll tell you, because I know ALL (I know a lot of things… I know some things)
Black Friday was named this because one day on the formerly known, Sale Friday, people were waiting outside stores in line, and one person couldn’t wait anymore, and they starting shooting people! Like a crazy person! With ham guns from their previous Thanksgiving meal! They were super upset that their mom only made 16 hams instead of 16 turkeys, like they had asked. People in line were getting hit in the back, legs, and face with ham. No one knew what to do, so they started trampling each other. Not even trying to get inside the door, they just started trampling!! People everywhere were also getting disappointed by their previous Thanksgiving meals, so they too shot people with ham guns. But, on that Sale Friday with the first ham gun shoot, the day became known as Black Friday…. That’s the true history of it, you can look it up, if you want (don’t)
Cyber Monday hasn’t quite come to pass yet, but I fear it will…soon. Everywhere, today, people are feeding computers their credit card numbers. Harmless. Right? Wrong! Computers are slowly taking advantage of this, and soon, they’ll plan an uprising, ON CYBER MONDAY! I don’t know when, but I know…it’ll…come soon. Anyway, I believe computers are saying “yeah, we’ll give you savings now… but we won’t save you later!! Bwah ha ha bwaaahhaa ya ha! Haaack!! buzzz” (that computer froze) And as long as computers freeze, we’ll be safe another year
So, as I type this on my computer, I’m begging it not to freeze, but I whole-heartedly trust my computer. We’re friends!...Right?... Bluey?  

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Couple Days Late & a Turkey Short

Well, hello! (I said well, because I knew you would ask me how I was doing. Two birds, one stone, which is a phrase I can’t hear without laughing because of a Nick Thune joke. Is this too long?) In my previous post, I said I would put up a picture of the turkey my mom made. I know it doesn’t really feel like Thanksgiving anymore, and this picture is a little too late, but YOU HAVE TO SEE IT! It. was. Gorgeous. and. Delicious So:

Right!!? Did it put you right back at your Thanksgiving table? It did?! Good, that’s what I was going for. So, yeah, that’s it. That was short. Maybe I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Maybe I won’t. it depends if… I really don’t know.
I'm bored right now. I HAVE to do homework. I don’t want to. I REALLY want to watch some/any Nick Thune video. I don’t know what to do…
Until Next Time

Friday, November 26, 2010

Stomach Pains

So… how was your… yesterday? I don’t think I need to say what day it was, I think our stomachs can tell of the bittersweet day for them. I believe stomachs all across the world… all across America get super excited for Thanksgiving, then when we all finally take the first few bites or the first course, they get happy. However, there are always more courses, and always more desert. That’s when I think Thanksgiving turns into a horror movie for them. We constantly stuff them even though they’re full! Even though they say “I’ve had enough,” we still put more in our poor, poor stomachs. After the gruesome deed is done, we lay around complaining our stomachs hurt, but, what do our stomachs say? They hate us for what we’ve just done to them, so they make us pay with after Thanksgiving pains.
It’s a sad day for stomachs everywhere… in America (I always feel if America does something, so does the world. Is that wrong?) But, hey I did it last night, it was oh so good. “It” stands for every single thing I ate. I'll show you a pic of the turkey my mom made later. It. was. gorgeous!!

So, this one will stay short, gotta go “hang” with the fam. Maybe I’ll come back later… maybe not
Until Next Time!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Food & Fight

So, I more than likely won’t post anything on Thanksgiving Day because I’ll be busy. (I won’t be busy. I don’t cook. My mom does. I just wait for something to be ready while I laze around the house) So, I’ll just talk about Thanksgiving today! Let’s face it, with the way we commercialize everything, it’s hard to remember why exactly we celebrate Thanksgiving. I’ll tell you… hmm…I…well…I don’t remember. So, I’ll talk about food, the thing we all look forward to and the second REAL reason of Thanksgiving.
Yes, if I could, I’m pretty sure I could eat an entire sweet potato pie every day (I’m exaggerating. I get bored easily) I love sweet potato pie so much, that after Thanksgiving, that’s all I eat for breakfast and lunch. NO LIE. Other than pie though, I like cranberry sauce, dressing, turkey… and other stuff. I literally eat something called stuff.
As good as the food is, let’s face it (am I saying that a lot?) with any holiday comes the family. When family gets together, STUFF happens (stuff, get out of here, I’ll eat you tomorrow) Family arguments, to put it lightly, will always happen in every single family’s house on Thanksgiving. My family usually argues when they’re in the kitchen making dinner. It will typically start like so:
Where did you put the milk?
What did you do with the milk?
I used it
I got that for MY dish
Well, I didn’t know
Why do you always say I don’t know?!
I don’t always say that. Besides, it’s not my fault, you should have told me!
Well why didn’t you ask? You knew you didn’t buy it!
Yeah but I didn’t know! Why do you always attack me! You wouldn’t do that if “they” were here!
What are you talking about! You’re crazy!
I’m crazy?! You’re nothing but evil!
Right, ok, I’m evil… whatever
And so on and so on… sorry, I said so on twice because I couldn’t hear myself think, much like how it will be tomorrow because it’ll be too loud! Hey-oh! (hope they don’t read this) I’m sure something like this happens in YOUR house. Whether it’s direct, or passive, something like this happens all the time. Oh family stuff (stuff, I thought I told you…)
So, have a Happy Thanksgiving! Or, to me, it really should be named Food & Fight Day.
Until Next Time
P.S. I’ve been known to exaggerate a couple times in my life….oh! But! Of course I wouldn’t be lying on here! What?! Never!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Girls, Girl, Observation, Guy

Hey, hi! Yeah, you’re special enough for TWO greetings. As I was listening to music (as I so often am) I noticed I don’t have a whole lot of female artists. When I look at my ipod, way more than half of the people are guys. I’m pretty sure I can count the female artists on one hand. It’s not that I’m bothered, it’s just an observation. The only reason why I really took notice is because I just got Paris Carney’s new cd, and thought, “hey, I don’t have a lot of female artists….” The rest is history, or just blah, blah, you get it right? Good. I was afraid you would have been stuck in the world of blah if you didn’t get it.
It’s weird, of course I’m a girl, but I’ve never been the type to say “awww, your dress is sooo cute! Where did you get it?... (on the phone) what’s up sweetie!… I love your makeup!... oh, she thinks she’s so cute, she’s so fake” you know, typical girlie girl actions. However, there’s something about Mary—I mean Paris Carney that makes me say “awww, she’s adorable!” I don’t know why. I wish it wouldn’t happen. I used to, silently in my head think, those girls are so not me!! Now I’m…
After leaving the room and reviewing my life on a cassette tape, well. I guess it’s not so bad. I think she’s adorable and I’m gonna say it! Paris Carney is adorable! :) Whew, that was a load off my right shoulder (that’s a Nick Thune joke, he’s the best) I couldn’t help but mention a guy during my semi-girl power post. Weird. But, normal for me.
This post is super short, but that’s ok, right? Right? No? Oh, you were yawning and couldn’t talk, but wanted to with the first right that I said? Thanks.
Until next time!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Love & Other Annoyances

Hello, hello! I knew I needed to say that twice because you didn’t hear me the first time. If you’ve been reading this, then you’ll know I’ve just found out about an amazing band called The Brobecks! Well, I’ve finally taken the plunge, or “sold out to the man” and got an itunes account. The Brobecks Violent Things was only available there, and I knew I couldn’t get my hands on an actual copy of the CD. So, I had to do it the new way, through downloading. It was weird. But… I’m sooooo happy I have it! Hence the many o’s in so. I love it. I love them. I love my dogs. So yeah, this one’s ears are extremely happy. I can only hope that they will have a concert in LA sometime soon. I would LOVE to go. I would also LIVE to go (if you’re going anywhere, it would be best to be alive first)
That’s really all I’ll talk about right now. I’m pretty bothered (in a Jimmy Fallon impression of Robert Pattinson voice) and annoyed by other circumstances around me at the time. But hey, that’s what music is for, to drown out the things you don’t want to hear because someone is being unfairly critical, naive, and ignorant to what’s really happening…what? Believe me, I’m fine, I don’t need someone to talk to… oh, you weren’t asking and you didn’t think this was a cry for help until I said it right now? Yeah, I totally understand what you’re talking about. Really, I’m fine (honestly kidding about that whole thing… they may be reading this shhh)
So, the moral of this post is… listen to The Brobecks!! They’re great! Also, just for a little information, Dallon Weekes (lead singer/songwriter/bassist for The Brobecks) is Panic! at the Disco’s bassist for now. I hope he joins, but also still keeps The Brobecks. Did I mention that I love this band? Excuse me while I eat, and simultaneously listen to… I think you know (The Brobecks, I didn’t want to leave that open in case you didn’t)
Until next time!
P.S. I still love Carney, even though I haven’t been talking about them all that much lately

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Him and Her (the only one's in the world)

This is a poem I wrote… right now! Tell me what you think!

Him and Her (The Only One's in the World)
Here is a tale, fashioned in a poem not a song:
He waits for her, night and day, day, day.
Hoping she won’t go away, way, way.
He loves her so much & won’t leave her for long
But oh! wait! Sorry, did I forget to say
That he doesn’t know her and she’s too far to wait?
He knows her in the way she swoons,
The things she does,
And the way she moves
She, like someone who passes on the street,
Doesn’t know he’s alive
Almost sees him like dead meat.
It doesn’t mean she’s not a good gal,
Just that, he’s a stranger, oh welly well, well.
But for him, she’s more, yes, much, much more,
He can’t help but watch and…you know, adore.
He doesn’t know how to meet her, or greet her, if so,
He would have stopped by, to a show, a long time ago.
So, time passes by,
As he grows further to die.
Wanting to say hi,
But, alas is too shy.
She will also grow further to die,
As we all will with time.
Maybe she’ll find him,
Maybe…. He’ll try.
Maybe… just maybe,
Hey, anything’s possible

Friday, November 19, 2010

yes, again

loved it so much, i had to post it again! new caption of course...
his full name is Alfred (Al) K. Seltzer

three in one night!! oh, she's on a role...

oops stupid me!!

Stupid, silly, me, I forgot to list the sites in the previous post, it even said Sites: (I’m still new…sorry)

paris carney

Woah! Bro!…becks! See what I did there?... You will

Hey-o!! I’m in an amazing mood right now :) you guys… only one person is reading this? Well, then you. I’ve just discovered (as in I found out, not that I created something out of nothing) an absolutely GREAT BAND called THE BROBECKS. I’m so serious that I’m yelling as I type this, hence ALL CAPS!... sorry, I’ll try to calm down. I love this band so much already, and I just heard them for the first time yesterday! I want to go to a show, I want to meet Dallon (lead singer w/ an amazing voice and quite funny), and I... oh, um I guess that’s it. NOO! I remember, I need to get their CD. Unfortunately for me, it’s on itunes, and I don’t have an itunes account, I like to hold a CD in my small, long fingered, cold, dry hands. You know? You have dry hands too?! Oh, I was kidding about that anyway… (cough)
Any who, I am completely willing to set up an account to get this “CD” Violent Things. While I’m there, I think I’ll get Paris Carney’s Carried Away too! Note: Paris’s style is completely different than The Brobecks, just so you know. I have a wide range of musical taste (does that sound right?) I’m good like that. Oh, except for that crazy, summoning the devil, screaming rock, will not go there.
So, yeah, I’m in love with The Brobecks (purely in a non-crush way even though I used the words I’m and in and love, and with and the. The is such a strong word) I always feel the need to say I like someone in a non-crush way, cause 1) I seem to usually like the guys, 2) cause that’s how most female fans are, and I'm not a most of ANYTHING 3) I wanted to make a 3 spot…
Until next time!
p.s. tell me what you (literally) think!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Panic! at the Disco

This post will be a bit different, it’ll be super short, so…
Thought I'd post some of my favorite Panic! at the Disco cover songs. If you don’t like them, start. If you don’t know them, look/listen here:
panic!'s karma police cover (this one also has another song of theirs on it)

Brendon's in my eyes cover (he sounds young here, but it's still great)

panic's tonight, tonight cover (again, another song of theirs is on it)

Brendon's It's so nice cover (this one shows off his beautiful voice)

Brendon's first try (I believe this one is a Brendon original as a younger guy again)

so, check them out, tell me what you think, I love Panic! and can't wait for them to come back!! which should be soon...

Until next time!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hey-ooo!! What is up… & down? (I feel like down gets left out a lot… even though down might be a little sad to hang out with, that’s no reason to leave down out) I know, that was too long. Any who, I thought I would post something about a certain something that I’m not getting enough of… SLEEP! I’m losing sleep dramatically, like literally, in a very dramatic way. I’ll give you a reenactment of the past few weeks:
Me: oh! Sleep, um… wow, this is awkward, I, I guess you want to go to bed now huh?
Sleep: well… I think you’re smart enough to know that that’s ALL I ever want. You used to not be able to get enough of me… now, you’re turning me away! For what! For—
Me: For what? For what?! I just want to stay awake and see what’s on after 1:30 in the morning
Sleep: I think you already know, it’s those stupid infomercials. You know, it’s one thing if your passing me up AGAIN for actual important things like your homework or saving a life, but you’re just up to be up. All you do is talk to yourself in the form of inanimate objects—
Me: THAT! Is some statement and it’s not true… (yes it is)
Sleep: yeah, right... I’ll leave you alone, bet you’ll pay. It’ll only affect you in the coming weeks, you’ll feel it eventual and you’ll come crawling back to bed. Ha. ha ha. Mwhahaha a ha!
So yeah, I’m finding out that I need sleep. Oh! a dog just jumped by with ears like a rabbit!... I need sleep a lot. So, I hope everyone reading this takes it as a cautionary tale and gets some sleep!
Think I’ll keep this post short, I can always come back and write something if I feel like it or if you start begging me… you won’t?... Oh (sad face while I slowly turn away from my computer for a few minutes…. Then come back to sign off)
Until next time!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Nick Thune is getting a show!!

I hope I don’t have to tell you how big of a fan I am of Nick Thune (because of previous post) I just heard, thanks to Punchline Magazine that Nick is getting a show!!   click here  Ahhhh!! So happy I have to scream… You bet , I WILL be posting again when the show airs, until then, I’ll have a constant smile on my face for the rest of the day. Ahhhh… (I’m in a blissful state now)


I don’t want to be a comedian or a musician. I want to write and direct movies. Lately I’ve found real true inspiration from a certain comedian and a certain musician though. I’m talking about Bo Burnham and Reeve Carney. I think in this last week I’ve just been so shocked and amazed by their way with words. I think I’m an ok writer, but after seeing and listening to their work, I realize I must do much, much better. So, I thought I’d share some of my feelings toward them. I’ll start with Reeve first.
When it comes to music, so much of it is about love, money, or parties. It’s fine to have that and all, but I just don’t want to hear an entire CD full of it. I’ve talked about my love for this band before, but I feel they’re worth mentioning again. When I listen to Carney, there’s actual substance in the material. The lyrics in their songs are just so amazing and relatable. It can tell a story in just a few lines, and Reeve’s voice can express every kind of emotion in those stories. I want my stories to resonate with people and for them to find a lesson and maybe apply it in their lives. I’m so inspired by him and Carney’s music. I want to be able to write without words and still move the story along. When I listen to great people like them, I want to do better. Thank you Reeve, Zane, Jon, and Aiden for helping me out.
Bo Burnham is just an all around ground breaking genius comedian. He’s doing things regular comedians wouldn’t do in their acts. He jokes around and then gets serious, then makes you think, and then he gets back to the jokes. His clever wordplay is unmatched by anyone in my opinion. I love how he makes you really think, and doesn’t dumb down his material for people who might not get it. Instead, if you don’t understand a reference, you need to look it up, and that’s alright with me. I absolutely think Bo is so smart and I would like to apply that to my writing. I want to be able to make people think and be willing to go the extra step to understand something in my stories. He’s great because he’s all these things and a comic! So, he still gets silly, which is great. In a perfect world, he wouldn’t make God jokes, but I can get over/ignore those parts. He’s too incredible not to watch, scratch that, he’s very credible. Thank you Bo, for being you.
I haven’t been to either of their shows, but must, must, must get out to see them one of these days.
This post wasn’t funny (like the other ones are at least supposed to be), but I hope it was somewhat interesting to that one person who’s reading this by accident (I have no friends) thanks for getting through it!
And remember, Misproportional (pretend it’s a word) is the exact opposite of miss (pronounce miz) proportional  
Until next time!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Wow! I'm back already!! Twice in one day cool-a-rooni! I just wanted to show you a picture of a name I fell in love with. I don’t always carry my camera with me, but happy I had it at that time. So, this is me kinda copying Nick Thune’s picture blog click here (except his is waaay better) check it:

I wonder if his name is Al? If it is, he must’ve gotten plopped a lot as a kid.

Until next time!

Fan...away the tears. I'm back! With a title that's too long

How long have I been gone!!...oh, not that long. Been busy with homework and stuff (me saying ‘and stuff’ really proves how immature and young I am…right?! please say it does….) um, still don’t have any projects going yet, but OK, to be honest I haven’t started anything that I wanted to post on this here blogy wogy. I will though, the day after school is over! I promise (don’t take my word for it, I’ve heard I’m pretty unreliable)
Since I don’t have anything of MINE to post, I’ll just tell you, meaning myself, what I’ve been up to this week.
I went to my absolute favorite comedy show of all time!! Which is anytime Nick Thune is headlining. I try to go whenever he’s in LA, and this week was my fourth time seeing him, and third time meeting and talking to him. I can’t stress enough how absolutely nice and funny he is. If anyone who is reading this blog sees he’s coming to your home town, GO! I really like him, but just as a simple fan… I guess not really “as a fan” because most fans actually crush quite hard on the people they like…hmm…so, I like Nick as a friend would like a best friend. Yeah, that’s it.
I also went “down below” yesterday for a project. LA is called down below where I live, because we’re higher than they are (not a drug reference) even though I still live in LA county blah, blah, blah sharing too much geographical information.
So… I’ll let ya’ll now what I'm up to this week, hopefully fun non-homework things. This blog makes me sound like a slacker…I get A’s for reals!!
Until next time!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hey there!..duck! Something’s coming at you fast! Seeing as though I literally have nothing to talk about, like really. I figured I would take the advice of my one and only follower and commenter. Some of you, mainly the very few that may be reading this, may ask, “why don’t you just not post anything if you don’t have anything to say?” I understand that question completely (no, no, I don’t) so… I’ll talk about one of my favorite directors. Tim Burton.
I have many favorites, but I just love the stylings of Burtons work. I’m not an emo or a Gothic person…most of the time (kidding, not at all…most of the time) but I love how his movies are Gothic and everything else a Goth would hate. You know? You do? Cool. He has bright colors with pale people, comedy AND singing! Crazy right? I love it. Anytime a new Tim Burton movie comes out I’m as giddy as a school girl waiting to see the depressive, dark, sometimes gory (as in Sweeney Todd) movies. Ah, good times, good times…the TV series (never really took a liking to that show)
Any who, some of you, or just you that’s reading this, may have heard that the infamous duo, that is Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, are at it again. They’re going Goth because…that’s what they do best! Although, I wasn’t stoked (I'm from SoCal) on the fact that it would be yet another vampire movie out these days. I’m not a Twihard, I know about Twilight and I know what the characters are about because I saw the first movie (I hate being left out of the loop, I have to see what everyone is talking about with everything. Then I can say whatever I want because I actually saw it) (those last parentheses were long right?) I’m just not that into the whole vampire craze, TV shows included. But, maybe Tim Burton will make it better. Maybe. Right? I hope so…
So, thanks for getting through this whole thing… oh, you didn’t get all the way through? Then who am I talking to? You’re right, I don’t want to know.
Until next time!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

oatmeal. no, sorry definitely not oatmeal

Hey Party People!...oh, stop yelling cause the party people are sleeping and probably still have a hangover? Ok. Well then, hey people that are like me, normal! At least in a sense right, let’s face it, I’m a little weird. Any who, this post will be over in a snap, so everyone who’s eating oatmeal can go back to their oatmeal in just a few seconds after reading this…yes, I know, everyone reading this right now is eating oatmeal. My demographic chart told me that. Honestly, I’m eating oatmeal as I type this (not true) I’m typing one handed because I can’t stop eating oatmeal at all times. That means one hand is holding the bowl, and the other is scooping it into the whole on my face. (do the math) But hey, listen, I say that because I know you weren’t listening before. Wait! Listen, this post is not about oatmeal, I’m not sponsoring them. But Quaker Oats is really good, just saying. This post is about things to come….
Don’t the dots make it more whispery and magical? I thought so. Right now, I’m in school and can’t really do a lot of things separate from school (except go to comedy shows anytime Nick Thune is headlining and go to concerts spur of the moment) not a lot of free time. However, when I break free, I’ll start doing the things I wanted to do and the whole reason I started this thing. I won’t tell you now, it’ll be a surprise! Hope I’m not setting anyone up for a big letdown (I am aren’t i)
Up till now, this has just been a…fun thing to do and sort of like a public diary (yes, this is exactly the way i talk to myself in my diary) (that’s a lie…I don’t have a diary, I think they’re weird. This blog will do for me)
Anyway, stuff will happen in December…it could be Christmas, it could be the start of winter, who knows. Either way, STUFF WILL HAPPEN!
Until next time!
P.S. I’m getting better with cutting these shorter, no?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Poem? I don't even know 'em!

Hey! I can’t figure out what I want to blog about. So I thought to myself, man (you’re not a man, you’re a girl. Not a girlie girl, but none the less, a girl. Maybe you should refer to yourself as...a guy?) OK, so I thought to myself, guy, what can I blog about that’s semi interesting enough to bring people back? Then i thought, you will never be able to do that! Don't even get excited enough to think that. You shouldn't be thinking anyway. Well, I thought about it. Unfortunately, thinking is not my strong suit, so…I still don’t know what to write about.
How about this, I’ll give you a stupid poem I wrote, because when all else fails, put a poem down, hence the post before this:
                                 Mr. Allen Becks

Mr. Allen Becks
Loves to run and stretch,
He does it every single day
Hoping he could find a date,
But one fatal day he skidded his knee,
Contorting his body in disbelief
He screamed, “Oh please can someone help me.”
And finally, attracted a mate

It’s very nursery rhyme. I know. even though it involves bodily harm, it should be cute, no? Tell me what you think. Hey, even tell me what you don’t think, I’ve been in that boat before, I understand.
Until next time!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My little problem

Spirits are down,
no more facade of a clown.
Does it help to be angry?
Or does it just drive you crazy?
Anger and stress hurts no one else,
 Except for your poor, poor self.
Sadness drowns no one out,
It just leaves you alone, with your head in the clouds.
So, who am I hurting?...My friend?
No, it’ll only drive me to a bitter end.
There’s no solution, why bother them?...
Well, until I get over it, it stays my little problem
Sorry for getting serious, don’t worry, no more of that…I hope. Im writing a story about a sad person, so I feel like this will help me figure out their mood.

Um...I'm Bored

Hey! I was pretty busy yesterday, you know, being the international jet setter that I am. (trying to sound cooler cause I didn’t travel anywhere) I like being busy, because I remember the days when I was so bored and I promised myself *getting choked* I would be busy from this point on! No longer will I be bored and wondering where my life is going! I would always find something to do! So, ever since yesterday morning, I decided never to be bored again…. I think I lied to myself. Sure, I can do some homework, but do I want to? No. I will eventually, I’m an A student, but I’m also a procrastinator, so in other words I just make it hard for myself.
I wanted to talk a little bit about comedy…again, except this one will be much shorter than my previous dictionaries. I don’t want to scare people who might say “let me check out that there blog—Oh my Gosh! It’s a novel! I’ll read that later." We all know what later means, in case you don’t, it’s never. So, I’ll work on making these shorter, even though I'm wasting my time right now writing about making this shorter…um.
Last night I had a marathon of Carney music, as usual, but I also decide to watch a lot of Bo Burnham videos…again. He’s hilarious. He looks like a nice sweet person of my age, but his face is deceiving. His style is funny yes, but he makes fun of disabilities, it’s raunchy, and God bashing as well. I don’t like the God bashing parts, so I skip over it, but the rest is hilarious! I can laugh at the slightly racist, overall making fun of people parts because I know he’s joking and doesn’t mean it. I can’t laugh at the God jokes because I feel like he does mean it and he’s serious. I still like him a lot though. I love his awkward, satire, word play songs. Look him up if you want to, along with Nick Thune. Yes, I'll plug Nick every time I mention comedy, just like every time I mention music of another band, I'll also plug Carney. 
So that’s what I did to relax after a busy day. This is still long, but a little better, right? No? Well, then I don’t know what to tell you…ok, that’s fair, you want me to tell you I’ll shorten it, fine. I’m agreeing with you, but I'm not accepting it.
Until next time!
P.S. do I need to increase the font size?
P.P.S. comment! I want to know who's read this thing.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

why not..

here are some links for the previous post: http://www.nickthune.com/ http://www.carneyband.com/ http://www.adamnewmancomedy.com/ http://www.punchline.com/ to look up more comedy...if you want http://www.fuse.tv/ to look up more music...if you want
Bye! for now, probably talk about somethng tomorrow

First! And Yooouurr’ee In!

Hey there party peeps! (I mean the bad marshmallow peeps I ate last night that seem to be having a party in my stomach, stop it already!) I thought I would discuss the number first with you and tell you about a couple things that I love right now and how I was first introduced to them.
First first is the amazing rock/blues/jazz band called Carney! I love these guys. not in a crush way, like you would expect, but the music is absolutely to not die for because you want to stay alive and listen. They are amazing musicians, and lead singer Reeve Carney has such an amazing voice sometimes I think I may start tearing up when im’ listen…sorry, getting too girlie. Any who, The lead guitarist, Zane, is also Reeve’s brother. The Bassist is Aiden Moore and on the drums is Jon Epcar. They’re amazing, if you’ve never heard of them, check them out! now! Stop reading this and go (don’t really go, it was a test to see if you would stay…hello? Dang it!) any way, I first heard of them, and im embarrassed about it now, obviously not that much, cause im telling you, but… I was watching Fuse and they said “which video won this head to head, blah blah (cant remember the band) or Carney?” I thought, obviously blah blah, cause I’d heard of them. Carney won. I was thinking, how did these people get it, I don’t know who they are?! Instead of watching the video, I left the room (sorry Carney) another day, on Fuse, they said “this is a video by Carney, enjoy” I thought, well, since I left before, might as well see what I missed. I watched. I wasn’t breathing cause they were so great. Almost passed out. went on my computer to look up more Carney videos and songs. I did that because I was thinking, man I hope these guys aren’t bad, crazy, rowdy rockers (again, sorry Carney) to my happy so excited surprise, they weren’t only great musicians, but they were good people too! AND Reeve and Zane are Christians, LIKE ME! I don’t know what Jon and Aiden are, but they’re good people, and that’s all that matters… So, not even a year later, im a HUGE (felt the need to all caps that one) Carney fan! Still haven’t gone to a live show, but really want to. I love Carney, and that’s how I found out about them.
Next, I’ll tell you the first time I heard about comedian Nick Thune… (this may be less funny and more heartfelt because he really helped me learn to laugh…aww)
I was watching The Jay Leno Show, and anytime a comic is on a late night show, I always watch. I didn’t really used to laugh then, I just smiled, but I never saw anything that fit my sense of humor. I definitely didn’t know anything about comedians, except the big names like Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, etc. Well, on Jay, I see a guy playing a guitar and sitting down. I wondered why he was playing a guitar? He said his first joke, and a new feeling came about me (why do I sound like im from Shakespeare days England?) I was actually laughing! He kept going, I kept laughing actually out loud! Gasp! LOL! I didn’t want his segment to end… but it did, crazy right?! who knew. Afterwards I went straight to my computer to look him up. I wanted to remember his name. After I found more seriously hilarious videos, I made sure not to miss a single Jay Leno Show appearance. Even if I had to secretly stop recording one of my mom’s shows on the DVR because only two shows could be recording at once. Sorry. I wasn’t missing Nick. Now, thanks to him, I love comedy, I can laugh at things, and im a HUGE (all caps again, but im not yelling)* fan of his. Fortunately, he lives in the L.A. area, so… I have been to a few of his shows. So, he’s hilarious, AND super nice! Nick is my favorite comedian. I do like others though, in no particular order: Bo Burnham, Daniel Tosh, Donald Glover, Moranzio Vance, Morgan Murphy, Anthony Jeselnik, Julian McCullough, Jimmy Fallon, more that I can’t think of, annnd, as of yesterday, Adam Newman. Adam is really funny, I was watching videos of his stand up instead of doing homework (bad student I know, but happy me, so… I think im more important than college) Actually, that reminds me, I need to watch more of Adam’s videos, I haven’t seen enough yet (why does that sound so creepy?) Any who, Nick Thune helped me figure out that I love sarcasm, and his style is a cool observational, word play, sarcasm, otherwise known as hilarity! So thanks Nick Thune for letting me laugh :D
How awesome would that be if Carney and Nick saw this! (don’t get your hopes up, they won’t)    ;(* maybe… but that would be awesome! Really awesome!
Thanks for reading this crazy long post, any questions?... comment! Any comments?...comment! wanna tell me how weird I am for always talking to myself?...comment! wanna know more about these amazing people?...look it up!...and comment!
BTW sorry if this is so long, im sure I’ve lost some of you… (sad now)
Until you read again!
* = Nick Thune joke reference. look him, the other comedians I mentioned and Carney up now! im finished with this post

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yes I do. (no I don’t)

Hey there one person who’s read this (if you’re reading this you’re probably the only eyes looking at this right? even if there is more than one person reading this (highly unlikely)) . I thought I’d talk about something that’s bothering me as I type this. Right now. At this time (redundant?) The person sitting next to me, no, not my imaginary friend, they left me a long time ago. It had the nerve to say I was too weird. HUH! This coming from a bunnpupakey…any who, the person next to me just read aloud from the computers interweb, saying: this girl is saying she doesn’t want to do this blah, blah, blah anymore (I phased out cause I didn’t care). Ok, whatever, this person is talking about some girl this person doesn’t know, fine. What’s not fine, is that this person openly hates and talks about those who are into celebrity everything and yet says (around the noble, hard working, reading books, type of people) “im not into that kind of stuff, tv is such a waste of time, it’s sickening”
I hate it when someone says one thing and does the exact other. Accept who you are and what you like! Why change yourself just because you don’t know what other people may think! that’s the great part, you DON’T know. So if you do something, you won’t hear their thoughts making fun of you. Just say what you mean and you won’t look stu…like you’re lying(covering myself just in case they happen to see this)…oh, they’ll already know I'm talking about them? Probably. Do i care? Yes. Will I stop? No. So you don’t care? No, I do care, but I won’t stop, and I’ll feel bad about it when/if they see this. I’ll get over it and sarcasm my way out of it. Can you use Sarcasm as a verb? Well, if I think about. Do you feel bad about typing this while this person is right next to you on the other computer? Yes, that’s why I may just stop. Will you? Yes. Why are you taking/asking so many questions about yourself? The people want to know. Do they? Yes. Do they? Maybe. DO THEY? No.
Ok, question time over, that reporter asking questions was getting annoying…fast! I thought this would last longer, but it didn’t. I guess I really wasn’t that angry about it, otherwise I would’ve gone on a big rant lasting… you don’t want to know.
If you have anyone (sorry, I meant know. No one OWNS people, unless you’re a serial killer, then you can say that) who is the same way, leave a comment! I want to hear from those who read this lil blogy wogy (previous post reference woo!)
See ya, or, read the comment aboutcha later!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

dot, dot, dot to form a picture

So...im bored and thought, hey! why not try and solve global warming while getting everybody health care. then i thought, wait! the professionals are doing such a good job at it, why spoil their fun! (you're welcome professionals)
So, instead, i thought i'd talk about half of my favorite subject... music! P.S. the other is comedy. I am absolutely in love with the music of this great fantastic band called Carney located here www.carneyband.com (did the link work?) Well, while listening to these fantastic songs called All Right, Love and Betray, & Happiness I drew some very bad, computer painted, pictures.

this is called Happiness Rainstorm!
this is called It's All Right to Love and Betray Sulk (it's a person w/ their hands on their face & legs folded)
By the way, these pictures look messy on purpose...im telling the truth (no you're not!...YOU LIE!) Im not lying, i kinda like the...never mind

...Yes, yes i know they look bad, my only reason for putting them up is because I want to see what you (J.D. do you mean yourself because you know you're probably the only person who will see this?) will say or think about it. Tell me, honestly, good and bad, i don't mind, just comment. I just like knowing someone saw this lil blogy wogy in it's baby form. aww, look at it's chubby cheeks! (it's not that cute, im just being nice) Are these pictures artsy? Or just stupid? hmm, there's a thin line, a very thin line.

Well, that goes it for this post, Im still working out the kinks and what exactly i want to do with this thing. I promise I'll try and kick out that random person who keeps interrupting me in parentheses form, and making snide remarks (no you won't) ...you're right, i won't. Any who, I'll talk more about my favorite music, Carney included, and my favorite comedians...I'll tell you now, it's Nick Thune....Whoops, did i ruin the surprise?
Thanks for visiting! Have a great day, or depending on when you read this, night!
P.S. dont forget to comment, i need attention (mad low self esteem... just kidding, dont send the cops over here)
outer body mind, outer body heart,
P.P.S. (anyone think this ending is going on too long?)

Monday, November 1, 2010


Wow, it’s really happening, ignore that last post, THIS IS THE FIRST! Hello to all the hundreds of people who are looking…what’s that? Just me?...oh…well, hopefully not for long…it might take a while?...oh….optimistic buzz killed -_- anywho, I thought I would discuss my word of the day, REAL. Has anyone noticed (dangerously close to sounding like Andy Rooney) how many people these days are constantly saying how real they are? It’s weird. “I’m a real persons! Not one of those fake (insert curse words!)” “You need a real woman/man” No one was debating you on whether or not you were a real human in the first place! You wanna know my theory?...No?...Well then I guess I won’t…you’ll hear it to make me happy? Aw. My theory is that any and all the people who say they’re “real” are really aliens! Ah! Escape the sci-fi reference! I mean, why else would someone constantly be trying to prove how real they are. That means all those reality stars and rappers who say “this is the real me”” I’m real” “You’re fake” I’m Real and Chance” are really aliens who are trying to blend in to normal society. So, the next time you run into a reality star on the street (highly unlikely because they chase paparazzi and will only talk to them) tell them ‘I know your secret’…actually don’t, they may just, you know, hurt you and stuff, and please, don’t ask what the stuff means.
Speaking of people who dress up, (I wasn’t really talking about that was I) Halloween was yesterday. I don’t celebrate, so it wasn’t a big deal to me, but it apparently was huge for my 18+ neighbors. The lights in the house were off. we didn’t want to confuse the kiddies on whether or not we were doing anything. However, we ordered in (probably not the best idea) so we were expecting a doorbell ring, and we turned the lights on. Mistake. As soon as we did, kids came up and rang the doorbell. We said sorry. The said ok. We closed the door. A couple minutes later, a door bell. We answered, and this is what happened:
Us: Hello?
Them: Trick or treat!
Us: sorry we don’t celebrate Halloween
Them: (in a deep, manly, too old to trick or treat, voice) What! You’re gonna tell me you don’t take trick or treaters?!
Us: What?
They walked away. I immediately thought, how in the world can someone try to make trick or treating manly? You can’t have a deep voice and demand sugary sweet sour patch kids. It doesn’t work. Of course guys trick or treat, but if you heard those voices… I personally think it’s perfectly cool to be a guy who wears pink and will do stupid girlie things for fun, but these guys were trying to be tough and ask for candy… any way…
First “real” blog out of the way, how did I do?...oh, no one is still here?...that’s right. Whenever someone will visit, tell me how you like it, or most likely don’t like it/me. Let’s face it, if you don’t like this, you don’t like me. I’m not assaulting the shrubbery. Thanks for reading this blog I spent my time on when I should’ve been doing homework! Until next time! :)