Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year 3,000

Wow, it’s that time of year again. It’s going to be a new year, and… and… I’m not ready for 2010 to leave! So much cool stuff has happened to me in this year. That’s right, it’s about to be a year in review! At least in my own life, not news headlines… of course:

This year, I found out about Carney! So happy about that, their music… rocks! They are an LA based band that (sort of) moved to NY because Reeve (lead singer) is Broadway’s Spider man! So extraordinarily happy for them. Never been to a show, but hopefully 2011 will allow me to go.

My favorite thing that’s happened this year is that I’ve been to comedy shows. Not just any shows though, I’ve seen Nick Thune (my favorite comedian EVER) a few times. He usually comes out after shows, and he’s super nice too! Every time I go, it’s so awesome. I look forward to more shows in the ’11 :)

Along with finding out about Nick, I’ve also found out about another great comedian, Bo Burnham. He’s hilarious with smart & offensively raunchy humor. Normally if I heard a raunchy comedian, I would pass, but Bo pulls it off nicely because he has something… different about him.

One last thing I found out about this year is a great band called The Brobecks. AMAZING. I love how theatrical this band is. Great music that I will look forward to when they put something new out.

Let’s see, more stuff has happened to me of course, but my brain is telling me to stop thinking, so…
These things I’ve mention are definitely the most exciting, especially for an overall boring person like myself.

OH! How can I forget! Beiber came out this year… that’s all. Not a fan, don’t dislike him, but felt I needed to mention it.

So, this blogy wogy and I will see you next… time (not gonna do the whole “see you next year” thing. That’s stupid. And annoying) BTW not sure when I’ll do it, but I AM going to put some of my stories on here… eventually.

Until Next Year! (had to do it)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Twilight… Zone, not Vampires

Hey, hey! I’ve been gone for a while! What’s hanging? Real question that I want an answer to… now.
Thought I would mention an absolutely amazing TV show that will be airing again on the SyFy network New year’s Eve and New year’s day. The Twilight Zone. If you’ve heard of it and never seen it, WATCH IT. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then I’m sorry for you… and WATCH IT.

It has incredible writing and amazing insight to the way people think. It is the best black and white show ever. This show was actually the reason why I wanted to write movies… ah nostalgia. Glimpse into my life!

Please watch it, and hey, tell me what you think? Will you? Promise? Oh, you didn’t say anything? OK :(

Any who, remember SyFy network, 12/31 & 1/1. Watch it, especially if you have no new year’s parties to go to like me…. Um.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

X is for extreme. Merry Christmas!

Hi there. I literally just finished making my annual Christmas House. I usually call it my edible/ non-eatable house. Everything on it you can eat, but NO ONE is allowed to eat it. Every year I have a certain theme. Maybe I’ll put up a couple pictures of past houses… maybe not. But this year’s theme was: Naughty & Nice. One house is the non-denominational healthy house, and the other is the Christmas candy house. I love it. Picture time!:
 the foil on the side of the house are supposed to be solar panels... i know, not too good.
 the kids living in this Christmas house made snowmen and they put the two on their seesaw

i just like this picture. it's my Christmas tree!... well, my mom decorated it, but it's still my tree!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Two Birthdays

Hey! Did everybody know that there’s only five more days till Christmas? There is! Today just also may be my birthday. And I just may be telling you this to get a happy birthday wish. That’s not why I’m doing this, but it may be.  

Since it is sooo close to Christmas, thought I’d post a couple of my favorite Christmas songs:

Wonderful Christmas Time!!  Carol of The Bells :) 

Also, does anyone else think Christmas is one word for More of Christ? Hm…


Friday, December 17, 2010

Today is a Day

Hey! Making this short. This just may be the last update on the animal living in my attic.

I’ve kinda decided it is a ferret. I named it Anna Faret. (Anna Faris, actress) Even if it’s a boy, the name still works… maybe. In the past, oh… three days or so, I haven’t heard ANYTHING from it. No scratching. No running. NOTHING. I’m starting to think it died. Which is what I’ve been slightly hoping for, but now… it just seems so final. Maybe I’ll look on the bright side; it could’ve just left this house for another one… right? Who am I kidding! I’m not a glass half full kind of person!

I don’t know what happened to it, but something happened… I’m pretty sure of that.

P.S. anyone else have MGMT’s “Kids” stuck in your head?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Love Ya, Looove That, I love You

What is hanging party people?... I’m sorry, I meant what is hanging from the ceiling after party people’s parties? Any who, thought I’d discuss a word I find myself hearing a lot lately. Love.  That’s right, you’re in my version of Sesame Street and we will be talking about the letter love!

We (meaning humans and no aliens) like to use the word “love” all the time and in every context available. Example time!!

Girl shopping with friend: Ohmigosh!! I loooove this jacket! Doesn’t it just scream me?
Girl talking on the phone to friend: OK, think I’m gonna go now, love ya! TTYL!
Girl on facebook discussing her favorite band: I love their music sooo much. I DIE!!
Girl watching a comedy TV series: I love, love, love! This show! ha, ha… I love you Abed!

So, this has one thing in common, can you point it out?... yeah! Girls do overuse the word love! Great job! (Sesame Street impression) I think girls say this waaay too much for everything! Sure, the girl in the example is me (kidding, I don’t have friends or facebook) I’m still mad at girls for using it… no, I’m not, I’m not mad at all. I use the word all the time in many ways. When I use the word “love” it is always in the “like” or “really like” context. Not the “I love you so much, blah, blah, blah, gross” way.

So, did you get the hidden message of today’s Sesame lesson?... That’s right! It’s hypocrite! Glad you were paying attention.

Until Next Time

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Music &… Crying?!

Hey, hey, hey! (YES in Fat Albert voice!) What’s going on people who are reading this? Oh, you’re right, I couldn’t hear you even if you did answer… well, onward and upward.

Last night, I decided to listen to older cd’s that I had just because I am on a break and… I can. I was flipping through my ipod, and stopped at John Mayer’s Room for Squares. When this first came I out I loved it so much. I would play it everyday, all day. Then I discovered Panic! at the Disco and found the genre that I love, rock/indie/alternative. But, if it wasn’t for JM’s (that’s what I call him, cause we’re so close) (lying big time) Room for Squares, I wouldn’t have even known that I actually like listening to music.

I stayed up late last night to listen to the whole thing. I still love it. It actually made, just a little, teary eyed, because I associate that CD with memories. Not good one’s. But old times that I can’t and wouldn’t take back. It was nice… OK, too serious.

If anyone knows what I’m talking about with this CD, tell me! If you’ve never heard the CD, buy it! What’s 15 or so dollars out of your life, remember, Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination--Oscar Wilde. I love Oscar Wilde, he’s so true!!!... sorry, was.
Speaking of crying, have you heard of a… lovely (starts to quiver lip)… man named… (looks down as a single tear falls) John Boehner? He’s our new Speaker of the House, and… (clinches fist, closes eyes, and starts hard core crying) he is so brave to cry in public! (shakes head and stops typing) He doesn’t look ridiculous at all! He’s sharing his emotions! (get’s up from chair and starts rolling on the floor, not laughing, but crying… hysterically) I applaud him. SO MUCH. I, in fact, don’t think he’s too weak to serve as Speaker, and I, not at all, think Nancy Pelosi was just fine. Not at all.
For those who may be purposefully reading this blogy wogy outside of America, look up John Boehner to see what I’m talking about… he’s very… passionate.
Until Next Time!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day Dreamin’ Even At Night

Heidi hides! No, I don’t want to see Heidi Pratt turned into leather, even though she is. Oh!! (Joke is so last year) just want to talk about… yes, the little animal again. Hence the title having the word “day.” Did anyone catch that all the animal stories have “day” in the title? Did ya? DID YA? Oh, it’s not that big of a deal? But, now you see what I did there right? Yeah, I know, I’m being stupid.

Back to the reason I started this post. There’s a new development in “the animal in my attic” case. Sometime this week, late at night, I was awake. It was because I was studying for a few big tests, not that I have to explain myself to you or anything, but… um… I turned the TV low, not off, because I wanted to see Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, I love that show, and even though I DVR it every day, I still wanted to see it that night… I’m getting on a tangent again. Sorry.

I was studying and all of a sudden, I heard footsteps right above my head. What the what?! My eyes got big, and my heart sank to my feet, literally! First, I picked my heart up and picked the little hairs that were on it off, and I put it back where it belonged. In my arm. Then I just listened. Now, originally, I only heard the little animal in the back area of my house, where I’m typing now. That night, I was in the front area of my house. As I listened, I heard it scurry from left to right. As I looked up, my head was bobbing like I was watching a live tennis match or something. I was crazy spooked. Immediately I thought, “I was gonna study and stuff, but… I really don’t want this little animal to fall through the ceiling and eat me” I’m pretty… and unrealistic in my day dreams… and regular dreams. You should have seen the stuff I was thinking about… yeah…

So, it’s sad, but, I kinda hope it dies so that I can stop feeling like it will fall through the ceiling. Is that a bad thing to think? I’m sorry. But, ya know, just last night when I was in this room I’m typing from (the original place I heard it) it was making noise, and it felt almost normal and kinda comforting… then it got a little loud and I was scared again. Oh well.

This is a long one; I silently applaud you if you read it all. It’s like old times when my first ones were dictionaries. If you haven’t seen them, look at them. You don’t have to read it, but you can. If you dare.

Until Next Time

 P.S. Thanks anyone who is reading this, i love you already O-O (in a creepy way)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Help!... I Need Someone

Why? Hello. I don’t know what that first word is a question to, but feel free to answer it…

So, INCREASINGLY lately, I’ve been really sad/down/hard on myself for not doing enough of… anything. I personally feel like I should be helping more in my personal and outside (can’t think of a better word) life. Maybe this is normal for someone my age. A college student who doesn’t really know what to do with their life. I mean, I know what I want to do as a career, write & direct movie, but I don’t know what to do to get there, or in the mean time while I wait to go to a film school.

At this point, I really want to help some charity or organization that I like, but I really don’t have the amount of money that would be useful! What else can I do! Other than the money problem, I don’t even know what organization I like! Ahhh!! What do I do?... Should I wait until I can go to school, then once I start making money give it to charity? Or is that too long of a time to wait?... I’ll stew on this for a while, hopefully I won’t find any celery chunks, you know, cause it’s a stew an--never mind.

In the mean time, I HAVE to stop going through these emotional roller coasters. I’m happy, then sad, then a zombie… just to mention a couple. I need to pick one emotion, and then try to stick with it. Think I’ll choose… zombie… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, me noe no howi fTu tIdPe (drools on keyboard)… OK, I’ll switch over to… happy. Although, that zombie really knew how to use parentheses, AND got all the words right. hmmm, I’ll be watching that zombie, I think he’s a fake!... Yes, zombie me is a guy
Until Next Time
P.S. I’ve noticed a few views of this bloggy wogy in Malaysia, if you’re reading this on purpose, Thanks Malays…ians! :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another Day, Another Dream

Hey and greetings (greetings is such a Christmas word). So, lately I’ve been talking about the little animal on my roof, no real new developments, BUT I had a super realistic dream, and I think it could very well happen.
In my dream: I looked outside in the day time, and saw an arm reaching over the roof. It had long claws. So, I automatically thought it was a sloth (remember, it’s a dream, kinda weird stuff happens in dreams… especially mine). I waited for a few minutes and I saw a whole body! It was definitely a sloth. It poked its head over the side of the roof, and its face looked a little weird. It had blue eye shadow on or something, but next I heard thumping. All of a sudden, I saw the little animal jump off the roof, and it was trying to land in a pile of leaves… the leaves actually weren’t there until it decided to jump… any who, it looked like it would fall gracefully on its feet. It didn’t. It fell on its stomach and laid there for a while. While it lay still, I saw exactly what it was. Of course, it wasn’t a sloth! It was a little light blue monkey with soft rounded out paws like a stuffed animal! Duh. In my dream, this animal’s form constantly changing wasn’t a big deal though. It was normal. I have weirder dreams… unfortunately. He, he, he (creepy laugh while I slunk deeper in my chair).
So, I still don’t really know what’s up there, but, fingers crossed, here’s to it being a little, light blue, alive, stuffed animal, monkey!
P.S. just by the way, because it's interesting to know, it's my favorite comedian, Nick Thune's, birthday today!! Yay! You should get on you twitters and facebookys and wish him a happy b-day. Just because enough is enough... it is, it's the exact same word (Nick's joke) :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day… you decide

So, back to the story…
I was so sure there was a little animal outside my window. Actually I wasn’t completely sure it was an animal, let’s be honest, it could have been a person too. I told myself it was an animal though. I couldn’t open the blinds to look outside at night, because I was waaay too scared. At first. But, the next day I got over my “what IS out there” feeling, and decided to look outside at night. For some reason I automatically thought I would instantly see this thing chewing on some wires then spot me looking at it and walk one leg at a time toward the window, then see someone standing behind me and fly off, making the other person in the room feel like I’m crazy for seeing an animal chewing on wires… that was long, I know, but do you appreciate the reference I’m trying to use?... You’re right, if you explain it, it’s not funny, so I won’t tell you what I was refereeing to if you don’t know (Twilight Zone w/ the flying monster on the plane & William Shatner. classic).
I looked outside and wow, I saw… absolutely nothing. It was too dark. All of a sudden, my warrior/hunter side kicked in (don’t worry. I didn’t go crazy, my version of hunter just means running a little when I think I see something). The next night I decided to get a flashlight. I should’ve done that in the first place, but I thought I’d see the creature chewing right in front… never mind. I heard the scratching and immediately jumped over books, cracked a whip to destroy the evil giant lizard, and ran a little to get to the window outside. (Lying about all of that, except getting to the window). I saw nothing… AGAIN!
As I stuck my head through the blinds, I heard a seriously nerve racking noise to the left of me. It sounded so close. I got really scared, and ran out of the room, then thought, “hey me, that was stupid, nothing’s in the room except you… and your imaginary friend” so I went back in, embarrassed with myself. My imaginary friend was laughing at me too. But, that is indeed when I realized nothing was outside… it was on the roof and possibly in the walls the whole time!! Ha ha ha, I felt better…. Then I realized, no, I don’t feel better, I feel WORSE!
So, that’s where I am now. I don’t know what will come of that animal. Sadly hoping it dies so that it doesn’t somehow get inside the house. Does that make me a bad person?
Until Next Time

Monday, December 6, 2010

Day… make up a number

The hunt started a couple of days ago when I thought I heard rustling in leaves outside the window of the room where my computer is. (Run-on sentence am I right? Someone didn’t do well in grammar) (I did though I just choose not to apply here however. Jerk.) I was like, “hey, what’s that rustling outside my window” (im a bad actor in re-enactments) at first I brushed it off, thinking it was a cat living nearby or something, BUT, with an emphases on all caps, I heard a weird and scary trenching through those same leaves at night. Immediately, I was like, “whoa, that sounded cute at first and in the evening” (such a bad actor) then come night fall, and I felt like I was in an episode of Scooby Doo… or I Know What you Did Last Summer the tv series (there was no tv series). I wasn’t brave enough to look outside (yet) so I just stared at the window blinds as they were closed and tried to work on my telepathy. It didn’t work, I need to fine tune it and become more one with myself. Or maybe just give up on the telepathy. Either one.
I figured I was going to tell the whole story, but… think I’ll leave a cliff hanger for tomorrow or something. Maybe that one person who’s reading this will be like, “hey… HEY WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!” (Wow, over reactor) don’t worry, I’ll tell you. Tomorrow. Maybe it will bring some reader back… I hope. I NEED more peeps reading this. And I guess I also need more non-marshmallows reading this too.
Until… tomorrow
Day… you decide

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's Been long, Kept it Short

Haven’t felt like doing anything. Like, literally. Been a little absent because this week’s felt very weird. I’ve been weird and strangely down. Anyway, here’s some stuff…
I hate thanking people who do things to be thanked.
I’d much rather see a thank you on your face then hear it from your mouth.
Please don’t compliment me; you don’t know how I really am.
When you say nice things about me, I feel like you must be stupid.
What’s wrong with me that I can see what’s wrong with them?
Sometimes I forget what self serving jerks people can be… and sometimes I forget I can be one of them.
A good writer is smart and witty, but plagued by loneliness.
So yeah, I don’t know what any of that means, or why I wrote it, but it’s there… for what it’s worth.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Set it. Don't Forget it.

Hey there you crazy bunch, and by bunch I mean me, cause I seem to be the only person who’s reading this thing these days… what? I’m not bitter, I’m sour. There’s a difference.
I’m making this quick, because I only want to tell you about one thing. Nick Thune’s Comedy Central Special is airing again at 2:03 on… Comedy Central. WATCH!
I hope I don’t have to tell you what a big fan I am of Nick’s. My previous posts have proclaimed that already.
So, yeah, that’s it. Watch it today, don’t forget. Set your DVR’s or Tivo’s RIGHT NOW. Set it, seriously. By the way, the title is a play on Nick Thune’s Nick's Big Show episode. Watch that too. I guarantee you’ll thank me. I might as well say you’re welcome now… but I’ll wait. It’ll be sweeter then. To be honest, I need something sweet to offset this sour.