Monday, January 31, 2011

Simple Kind of Life...

This song has been in my head all day today.

It's really nice to hear a song like this though...

Rocks & Caves

Can you tell it’s a cave? I’m obviously not that great, but I try!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Say it isn’t so!

Wow, it’s that time again. I have about a week left before classes start up again. Bummed!! Sure whenever I’m not going to comedy shows I’m completely bored and have nothing to do, but… I don’t want to start school! I pretty much finished my “break from school” list. All I have left is to watch a couple of CD/DVD’s I have. Huh *sigh* I’m so not ready to start classes again. The worst part is that the classes I’m taking are ALL boring. My college doesn’t have any more film classes for me to take, so there aren’t any semi-fun things.

On the bright side, it will be much easier to skip or leave during a class to a good comedy show… don’t tell my teachers.

Of course I’ll still get my A’s, but I still want to go to concerts and comedy shows and stuff. (the stuff is the most important)

For now though, I’ll be bored, not knowing what to do to fill my days. You know, normal stuff.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feel like Laughing?

Hello and good morning!... at least it’s still morning in my neck of the woods—Al Roker. I felt like I needed to say who I’m quoting. Anyway, this little post is about one thing, and one thing only: it’s NOT about myself. Crazy right!

This is a reminder (again) to tune in to Conan Tomorrow (Wednesday the 26th) at 11:00 pm on TBS to see the best comedian ever, Nick Thune! Not sure what time he’ll be on, could be around 20 minutes before the end, but watch the whole thing anyway, you never know. And I also could be wrong.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Well a hi and hello to vu. Haven’t been here in while, I’m actually still cleaning and swiping away the cobwebs *cough* it’s dusty work. I just haven’t felt like there’s much for me to say. What can I tell you that’s important. Not much… (that’s when you should say, ”awww” in a sad tone. It’ll make me feel better)

By the way, I’m actually still keeping my new year’s resolution, what?! How many people can say that?

On another note, I can tell you about my week? How about that? Why aren’t you answering? Any who, here we go:

This past Wednesday I went to LA with some of my family to see the comedian/actor Russell Brand perform at the Hollywood Improv. He was going to be there Tues-Thurs. So we were all excited… oh! except when we got there he had to cancel. He was there Tuesday, and he was even there Thursday, but of course, not when we showed up. Ah well, the fill in comedians were funny, but it’s just not what we expected, ya know?

Another thing I did was made pancakes yesterday. Let me tell you right now, they were pretty free the king good. My sister ate so much she was stuffed, but then decided to eat some oranges right after that. Just a show of hands (if I could see your hands) has anyone ever had that feeling of being sick if you combine the wrong foods together too fast? Of course you have. Well, my sister did that and said she felt sick and stopped eating. All of sudden, she rushed in the bathroom and threw up… compliment? I’m going to make pancakes again Sunday, and if my sister throws up again, I might have to start taking it personally… might.

So, those were the most interesting things of my week. It was my week-view… get it? Like re-view, but with a week?

P.S. I hope anyone who reads this will tune in to Conan at 11:00 p.m. on TBS this Wednesday the 26th to see my favorite Comedian Nick Thune perform his stand up. I’m not sure what time he’ll be on, but it could be toward the end. DVR it if you have to, but please watch!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Super Short

Hello! It’s been a while… I know. So, thought I’d pop in and mention what a great job I’ve been doing lately. I have. I’ve written a couple of super short story/screenplay things. Just for myself, not to hand in to anyone or anything, just for practice and all. I’m happy with myself, AND that means I won’t get mad at myself for being such a slacker over my super long break from school. I can be so mean sometimes.

I probably won’t post them, but just know I’m telling you the truth and not lying about my awesome progress… I wouldn’t do that.

A super short post about my super short stories. Weird. Did not do this on purpose. Ok. Bye.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Day is it?

Wow, I thought for sure this, “animal in my attic” story was over. I hadn’t heard it lately and seriously thought this thing was dead. Well, Ana Ferret is NOT dead. She (I’m assuming it’s a girl) is still scratching and honestly, I think she could be making a nest. The scratching is getting louder at night in this room I’m typing from.

She may look like one of these pictures:

My sister was in the garage and faintly saw an animal not too big, not too small running on one of the beams. She said it was a light color, like gray, or white.

At this point, I’m REALLY hoping it dies so it doesn’t get in the house. I don’t want a possible wild ferret in my house. Scary…. And I still don’t really know what kind of animal it is. But my assumptions seem to be pretty correct so far.

P.S. Notice, every post's title with the word "Day" is related to the animal in my attic story. JSYK

P.P.S Nothing’s getting me down today, I’m so excited and happy because I’m going to a comedy show with my favorite comedian headlining! Yay!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Do You know?

Hey and hello. I thought I would talk a little bit about questions… not that I have any answers, but just wondering out of shear curiosity, how many people have any idea what to do next? Just like in general? Maybe most people have things planned out, or know pretty much what they’re going to do next, but I have no clue. Is that bad? I know what I want to do, but how do I get there? What’s the first step for… anything? Hmm…

There’s so many questions we don’t have answers to.  Even though I don’t know the answers, I wish I had some sort of blueprint to at least try to figure out the answers… you know? Like, what if life was a math problem, and I don’t mean division or multiplication, that’d be too easy. I mean an algebra or calculus problem.

(this is off topic, but when I hear the word calculus, I automatically think of this old MTV movie about a boy band who’s hit was “calculus” with lyrics like, “I know my calculus, because you + me = us” right? anyone remember? Any—never mind. Sorry)

Do you think life would be easier if we were given instructions to figure out the math problem? We’d at least know what we’re supposed to do to figure out our lives. But, then again, I suppose that’s the “fun” part in life. The journey, not the destination. Not knowing is part of the intrigue… at least that’s what I hear. I’ll try to figure out my questions alone, because that’s how you grow. Or something like that. I guess

I definitely know I need to start writing story ideas. Even if I don’t post them here, I need to get that done. School is almost back in!! Ugh.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Arrows & Veins

I shot an arrow into the sky,
Bobbing and weaving, and watching it fly.
I thought, “How long before I feel its pain?”
And then, it fell, landing on my vein.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Favorite Band

Since I’m SOOO not in a writing mood right now, who wants to see a crazy awesome video of Carney? Of course you do! Your welcome…
Carney is awesome. I love this band :)

I think I’ll be posting more videos than stories. I’m not in a writing mood, but I have a feeling you won’t disagree.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Snow Daze

I know this was supposed to be about writing & blah, blah, blah, but instead it’s something much more interesting… Snow pictures! 

My dog didn’t really like it

my sad attempt at drawing a ladybug…

my sister’s snowmen. Mr. & Mrs. Snowcowsky from Russia

my snowman. Monsieur Chef Frost  

my same snowman with my glasses… he kinda turned into Elvis  
It was fun :)   

Sunday, January 2, 2011


It's snowing. I'll put pictures up tomorrow. bye.

Writing is Hard

Hiiii! 1.2.11! It doesn’t have the same ring, does it? Well, I remember, long ago, when I said on my blog I would post some of my work when school was on break… well, I’ve been on break for about a month and well, I haven’t really done that. I’ve been incredibly bored lately AND I haven’t wanted to do anything (does that sound right?) so since I’m still trying to work out my resolutions and it’s not quite quitting time yet, I should start writing something right?

I’m really trying to be more of a do-er and less of a talk-er. (why does this sentence sound weird or off?)

So, if I don’t post a blog tomorrow, I broke my resolution… or I was eaten by a giant fish in the middle of Manhattan! Which is really rare because I’m in California.  But that giant fish does like to follow me… (whisper: I’m afraid to look behind me right now, I feel something wet on my shoulder)

I sort of feel like blogging about Rod Serling (creator of the Twilight Zone) because the New Year’s marathon on SyFy was just on… hmm. So! I’ll either post one of my stories, or write about the Twilight Zone, or I’ll feel lazy and not write about anything. I feel strongly that any of those could happen. But, either way, we’ll all win…


P.S. you can always comment on one of these posts. It would give me something to do...
P.P.S. sorry for always telling you to comment, ignore it. you don't have to (please comment though)

Saturday, January 1, 2011


 Wow, hello, 2011! You feel so, you feel so… the same. It’s a bit of a “same dog, new color” feeling. That’s a saying right?
 I hope to be more mature, wise, and rational… I’m sorry, I meant the exact opposite of those things. But, while I’m on the subject of change, might as well lay out my New Year’s resolutions right? That’s right, it’s one of a million peoples resolution/betterment of oneself list! Yeah, you’re right, that was a perfect segway.

I honestly want very simple, not too big of a deal changes. I want to at least feel my abs, and get more flexible. It’s ridiculous; I can’t even touch my toes. Something has to change. And as far as my abs go, sure, I’m already thin, and I don’t have to hold my stomach in (too much) to wear a nice shirt, but… I don’t know, I just want to be able to feel my stomach muscles. Is that a crime?!

Also, I want to be able to speak up a little more. I talk a little bit to people, but I’m still a little shy around strangers, and now that I’m 20… well, I kinda think that’s unacceptable. They’re just people right? Well, I guess some are aliens, but that’s beside the point.

I definitely want to go to more concerts of bands I like (of course I’m talking about Carney, and The Brobecks) and I would LOVE to go more comedy shows (of course I’m talking about Nick Thune, but also hopefully Bo Burnham & Daniel Tosh. That’d be awesome).

This year, I want to make a plan and ACTUALLY stick with it! I’m so tired of being that person who says they’re going to do something and then says it again… and again, and again. Do you get it? The “all talk no ability to walk without a cane” person… that’s a saying right?

I want this year to be fun w/ a new, flexible, outgoing, (fingers crossed) taller, me!!!!...

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ll break all but one of those.