Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Panic! at the Disco Tour!

Hello!!! I’m still so excited. Last night I went to the Panic! at the Disco show at the Wiltern. It was my first time going to see them. Panic is my favorite band (also shared with Carney) and I’ve loved them for years now. So, going to that show was a dream come true. Somehow, in some strange turn of events, we were able to get to the front row! I was in the standing area, thinking I’d get a few rows back, but nope. RIGHT IN FRONT! I’ve never been so close in a concert before. So cool. All thanks to my family for talking to the right people in line.

They were amazing. Really great performers. I knew I liked them for a reason. Panic! fan forever!!!

Here are a couple of pictures(ones that aren’t too blurry):

Instead of putting up a too loud to hear video I shot of them, enjoy them from a performance on Jimmy Kimmel:

Great night :) 

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