Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Day is it?

Wow, I thought for sure this, “animal in my attic” story was over. I hadn’t heard it lately and seriously thought this thing was dead. Well, Ana Ferret is NOT dead. She (I’m assuming it’s a girl) is still scratching and honestly, I think she could be making a nest. The scratching is getting louder at night in this room I’m typing from.

She may look like one of these pictures:

My sister was in the garage and faintly saw an animal not too big, not too small running on one of the beams. She said it was a light color, like gray, or white.

At this point, I’m REALLY hoping it dies so it doesn’t get in the house. I don’t want a possible wild ferret in my house. Scary…. And I still don’t really know what kind of animal it is. But my assumptions seem to be pretty correct so far.

P.S. Notice, every post's title with the word "Day" is related to the animal in my attic story. JSYK

P.P.S Nothing’s getting me down today, I’m so excited and happy because I’m going to a comedy show with my favorite comedian headlining! Yay!

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