Saturday, January 22, 2011


Well a hi and hello to vu. Haven’t been here in while, I’m actually still cleaning and swiping away the cobwebs *cough* it’s dusty work. I just haven’t felt like there’s much for me to say. What can I tell you that’s important. Not much… (that’s when you should say, ”awww” in a sad tone. It’ll make me feel better)

By the way, I’m actually still keeping my new year’s resolution, what?! How many people can say that?

On another note, I can tell you about my week? How about that? Why aren’t you answering? Any who, here we go:

This past Wednesday I went to LA with some of my family to see the comedian/actor Russell Brand perform at the Hollywood Improv. He was going to be there Tues-Thurs. So we were all excited… oh! except when we got there he had to cancel. He was there Tuesday, and he was even there Thursday, but of course, not when we showed up. Ah well, the fill in comedians were funny, but it’s just not what we expected, ya know?

Another thing I did was made pancakes yesterday. Let me tell you right now, they were pretty free the king good. My sister ate so much she was stuffed, but then decided to eat some oranges right after that. Just a show of hands (if I could see your hands) has anyone ever had that feeling of being sick if you combine the wrong foods together too fast? Of course you have. Well, my sister did that and said she felt sick and stopped eating. All of sudden, she rushed in the bathroom and threw up… compliment? I’m going to make pancakes again Sunday, and if my sister throws up again, I might have to start taking it personally… might.

So, those were the most interesting things of my week. It was my week-view… get it? Like re-view, but with a week?

P.S. I hope anyone who reads this will tune in to Conan at 11:00 p.m. on TBS this Wednesday the 26th to see my favorite Comedian Nick Thune perform his stand up. I’m not sure what time he’ll be on, but it could be toward the end. DVR it if you have to, but please watch!

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