Sunday, January 2, 2011

Writing is Hard

Hiiii! 1.2.11! It doesn’t have the same ring, does it? Well, I remember, long ago, when I said on my blog I would post some of my work when school was on break… well, I’ve been on break for about a month and well, I haven’t really done that. I’ve been incredibly bored lately AND I haven’t wanted to do anything (does that sound right?) so since I’m still trying to work out my resolutions and it’s not quite quitting time yet, I should start writing something right?

I’m really trying to be more of a do-er and less of a talk-er. (why does this sentence sound weird or off?)

So, if I don’t post a blog tomorrow, I broke my resolution… or I was eaten by a giant fish in the middle of Manhattan! Which is really rare because I’m in California.  But that giant fish does like to follow me… (whisper: I’m afraid to look behind me right now, I feel something wet on my shoulder)

I sort of feel like blogging about Rod Serling (creator of the Twilight Zone) because the New Year’s marathon on SyFy was just on… hmm. So! I’ll either post one of my stories, or write about the Twilight Zone, or I’ll feel lazy and not write about anything. I feel strongly that any of those could happen. But, either way, we’ll all win…


P.S. you can always comment on one of these posts. It would give me something to do...
P.P.S. sorry for always telling you to comment, ignore it. you don't have to (please comment though)

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