Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another Day, Another Dream

Hey and greetings (greetings is such a Christmas word). So, lately I’ve been talking about the little animal on my roof, no real new developments, BUT I had a super realistic dream, and I think it could very well happen.
In my dream: I looked outside in the day time, and saw an arm reaching over the roof. It had long claws. So, I automatically thought it was a sloth (remember, it’s a dream, kinda weird stuff happens in dreams… especially mine). I waited for a few minutes and I saw a whole body! It was definitely a sloth. It poked its head over the side of the roof, and its face looked a little weird. It had blue eye shadow on or something, but next I heard thumping. All of a sudden, I saw the little animal jump off the roof, and it was trying to land in a pile of leaves… the leaves actually weren’t there until it decided to jump… any who, it looked like it would fall gracefully on its feet. It didn’t. It fell on its stomach and laid there for a while. While it lay still, I saw exactly what it was. Of course, it wasn’t a sloth! It was a little light blue monkey with soft rounded out paws like a stuffed animal! Duh. In my dream, this animal’s form constantly changing wasn’t a big deal though. It was normal. I have weirder dreams… unfortunately. He, he, he (creepy laugh while I slunk deeper in my chair).
So, I still don’t really know what’s up there, but, fingers crossed, here’s to it being a little, light blue, alive, stuffed animal, monkey!
P.S. just by the way, because it's interesting to know, it's my favorite comedian, Nick Thune's, birthday today!! Yay! You should get on you twitters and facebookys and wish him a happy b-day. Just because enough is enough... it is, it's the exact same word (Nick's joke) :)

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