Monday, December 6, 2010

Day… make up a number

The hunt started a couple of days ago when I thought I heard rustling in leaves outside the window of the room where my computer is. (Run-on sentence am I right? Someone didn’t do well in grammar) (I did though I just choose not to apply here however. Jerk.) I was like, “hey, what’s that rustling outside my window” (im a bad actor in re-enactments) at first I brushed it off, thinking it was a cat living nearby or something, BUT, with an emphases on all caps, I heard a weird and scary trenching through those same leaves at night. Immediately, I was like, “whoa, that sounded cute at first and in the evening” (such a bad actor) then come night fall, and I felt like I was in an episode of Scooby Doo… or I Know What you Did Last Summer the tv series (there was no tv series). I wasn’t brave enough to look outside (yet) so I just stared at the window blinds as they were closed and tried to work on my telepathy. It didn’t work, I need to fine tune it and become more one with myself. Or maybe just give up on the telepathy. Either one.
I figured I was going to tell the whole story, but… think I’ll leave a cliff hanger for tomorrow or something. Maybe that one person who’s reading this will be like, “hey… HEY WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!” (Wow, over reactor) don’t worry, I’ll tell you. Tomorrow. Maybe it will bring some reader back… I hope. I NEED more peeps reading this. And I guess I also need more non-marshmallows reading this too.
Until… tomorrow
Day… you decide

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