Tuesday, December 21, 2010

X is for extreme. Merry Christmas!

Hi there. I literally just finished making my annual Christmas House. I usually call it my edible/ non-eatable house. Everything on it you can eat, but NO ONE is allowed to eat it. Every year I have a certain theme. Maybe I’ll put up a couple pictures of past houses… maybe not. But this year’s theme was: Naughty & Nice. One house is the non-denominational healthy house, and the other is the Christmas candy house. I love it. Picture time!:
 the foil on the side of the house are supposed to be solar panels... i know, not too good.
 the kids living in this Christmas house made snowmen and they put the two on their seesaw

i just like this picture. it's my Christmas tree!... well, my mom decorated it, but it's still my tree!

Merry Christmas!

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