Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year 3,000

Wow, it’s that time of year again. It’s going to be a new year, and… and… I’m not ready for 2010 to leave! So much cool stuff has happened to me in this year. That’s right, it’s about to be a year in review! At least in my own life, not news headlines… of course:

This year, I found out about Carney! So happy about that, their music… rocks! They are an LA based band that (sort of) moved to NY because Reeve (lead singer) is Broadway’s Spider man! So extraordinarily happy for them. Never been to a show, but hopefully 2011 will allow me to go.

My favorite thing that’s happened this year is that I’ve been to comedy shows. Not just any shows though, I’ve seen Nick Thune (my favorite comedian EVER) a few times. He usually comes out after shows, and he’s super nice too! Every time I go, it’s so awesome. I look forward to more shows in the ’11 :)

Along with finding out about Nick, I’ve also found out about another great comedian, Bo Burnham. He’s hilarious with smart & offensively raunchy humor. Normally if I heard a raunchy comedian, I would pass, but Bo pulls it off nicely because he has something… different about him.

One last thing I found out about this year is a great band called The Brobecks. AMAZING. I love how theatrical this band is. Great music that I will look forward to when they put something new out.

Let’s see, more stuff has happened to me of course, but my brain is telling me to stop thinking, so…
These things I’ve mention are definitely the most exciting, especially for an overall boring person like myself.

OH! How can I forget! Beiber came out this year… that’s all. Not a fan, don’t dislike him, but felt I needed to mention it.

So, this blogy wogy and I will see you next… time (not gonna do the whole “see you next year” thing. That’s stupid. And annoying) BTW not sure when I’ll do it, but I AM going to put some of my stories on here… eventually.

Until Next Year! (had to do it)

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