Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day Dreamin’ Even At Night

Heidi hides! No, I don’t want to see Heidi Pratt turned into leather, even though she is. Oh!! (Joke is so last year) just want to talk about… yes, the little animal again. Hence the title having the word “day.” Did anyone catch that all the animal stories have “day” in the title? Did ya? DID YA? Oh, it’s not that big of a deal? But, now you see what I did there right? Yeah, I know, I’m being stupid.

Back to the reason I started this post. There’s a new development in “the animal in my attic” case. Sometime this week, late at night, I was awake. It was because I was studying for a few big tests, not that I have to explain myself to you or anything, but… um… I turned the TV low, not off, because I wanted to see Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, I love that show, and even though I DVR it every day, I still wanted to see it that night… I’m getting on a tangent again. Sorry.

I was studying and all of a sudden, I heard footsteps right above my head. What the what?! My eyes got big, and my heart sank to my feet, literally! First, I picked my heart up and picked the little hairs that were on it off, and I put it back where it belonged. In my arm. Then I just listened. Now, originally, I only heard the little animal in the back area of my house, where I’m typing now. That night, I was in the front area of my house. As I listened, I heard it scurry from left to right. As I looked up, my head was bobbing like I was watching a live tennis match or something. I was crazy spooked. Immediately I thought, “I was gonna study and stuff, but… I really don’t want this little animal to fall through the ceiling and eat me” I’m pretty… and unrealistic in my day dreams… and regular dreams. You should have seen the stuff I was thinking about… yeah…

So, it’s sad, but, I kinda hope it dies so that I can stop feeling like it will fall through the ceiling. Is that a bad thing to think? I’m sorry. But, ya know, just last night when I was in this room I’m typing from (the original place I heard it) it was making noise, and it felt almost normal and kinda comforting… then it got a little loud and I was scared again. Oh well.

This is a long one; I silently applaud you if you read it all. It’s like old times when my first ones were dictionaries. If you haven’t seen them, look at them. You don’t have to read it, but you can. If you dare.

Until Next Time

 P.S. Thanks anyone who is reading this, i love you already O-O (in a creepy way)

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