Thursday, December 16, 2010

Love Ya, Looove That, I love You

What is hanging party people?... I’m sorry, I meant what is hanging from the ceiling after party people’s parties? Any who, thought I’d discuss a word I find myself hearing a lot lately. Love.  That’s right, you’re in my version of Sesame Street and we will be talking about the letter love!

We (meaning humans and no aliens) like to use the word “love” all the time and in every context available. Example time!!

Girl shopping with friend: Ohmigosh!! I loooove this jacket! Doesn’t it just scream me?
Girl talking on the phone to friend: OK, think I’m gonna go now, love ya! TTYL!
Girl on facebook discussing her favorite band: I love their music sooo much. I DIE!!
Girl watching a comedy TV series: I love, love, love! This show! ha, ha… I love you Abed!

So, this has one thing in common, can you point it out?... yeah! Girls do overuse the word love! Great job! (Sesame Street impression) I think girls say this waaay too much for everything! Sure, the girl in the example is me (kidding, I don’t have friends or facebook) I’m still mad at girls for using it… no, I’m not, I’m not mad at all. I use the word all the time in many ways. When I use the word “love” it is always in the “like” or “really like” context. Not the “I love you so much, blah, blah, blah, gross” way.

So, did you get the hidden message of today’s Sesame lesson?... That’s right! It’s hypocrite! Glad you were paying attention.

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