Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Music &… Crying?!

Hey, hey, hey! (YES in Fat Albert voice!) What’s going on people who are reading this? Oh, you’re right, I couldn’t hear you even if you did answer… well, onward and upward.

Last night, I decided to listen to older cd’s that I had just because I am on a break and… I can. I was flipping through my ipod, and stopped at John Mayer’s Room for Squares. When this first came I out I loved it so much. I would play it everyday, all day. Then I discovered Panic! at the Disco and found the genre that I love, rock/indie/alternative. But, if it wasn’t for JM’s (that’s what I call him, cause we’re so close) (lying big time) Room for Squares, I wouldn’t have even known that I actually like listening to music.

I stayed up late last night to listen to the whole thing. I still love it. It actually made, just a little, teary eyed, because I associate that CD with memories. Not good one’s. But old times that I can’t and wouldn’t take back. It was nice… OK, too serious.

If anyone knows what I’m talking about with this CD, tell me! If you’ve never heard the CD, buy it! What’s 15 or so dollars out of your life, remember, Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination--Oscar Wilde. I love Oscar Wilde, he’s so true!!!... sorry, was.
Speaking of crying, have you heard of a… lovely (starts to quiver lip)… man named… (looks down as a single tear falls) John Boehner? He’s our new Speaker of the House, and… (clinches fist, closes eyes, and starts hard core crying) he is so brave to cry in public! (shakes head and stops typing) He doesn’t look ridiculous at all! He’s sharing his emotions! (get’s up from chair and starts rolling on the floor, not laughing, but crying… hysterically) I applaud him. SO MUCH. I, in fact, don’t think he’s too weak to serve as Speaker, and I, not at all, think Nancy Pelosi was just fine. Not at all.
For those who may be purposefully reading this blogy wogy outside of America, look up John Boehner to see what I’m talking about… he’s very… passionate.
Until Next Time!

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