Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fan...away the tears. I'm back! With a title that's too long

How long have I been gone!!...oh, not that long. Been busy with homework and stuff (me saying ‘and stuff’ really proves how immature and young I am…right?! please say it does….) um, still don’t have any projects going yet, but OK, to be honest I haven’t started anything that I wanted to post on this here blogy wogy. I will though, the day after school is over! I promise (don’t take my word for it, I’ve heard I’m pretty unreliable)
Since I don’t have anything of MINE to post, I’ll just tell you, meaning myself, what I’ve been up to this week.
I went to my absolute favorite comedy show of all time!! Which is anytime Nick Thune is headlining. I try to go whenever he’s in LA, and this week was my fourth time seeing him, and third time meeting and talking to him. I can’t stress enough how absolutely nice and funny he is. If anyone who is reading this blog sees he’s coming to your home town, GO! I really like him, but just as a simple fan… I guess not really “as a fan” because most fans actually crush quite hard on the people they like…hmm…so, I like Nick as a friend would like a best friend. Yeah, that’s it.
I also went “down below” yesterday for a project. LA is called down below where I live, because we’re higher than they are (not a drug reference) even though I still live in LA county blah, blah, blah sharing too much geographical information.
So… I’ll let ya’ll now what I'm up to this week, hopefully fun non-homework things. This blog makes me sound like a slacker…I get A’s for reals!!
Until next time!

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