Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Girls, Girl, Observation, Guy

Hey, hi! Yeah, you’re special enough for TWO greetings. As I was listening to music (as I so often am) I noticed I don’t have a whole lot of female artists. When I look at my ipod, way more than half of the people are guys. I’m pretty sure I can count the female artists on one hand. It’s not that I’m bothered, it’s just an observation. The only reason why I really took notice is because I just got Paris Carney’s new cd, and thought, “hey, I don’t have a lot of female artists….” The rest is history, or just blah, blah, you get it right? Good. I was afraid you would have been stuck in the world of blah if you didn’t get it.
It’s weird, of course I’m a girl, but I’ve never been the type to say “awww, your dress is sooo cute! Where did you get it?... (on the phone) what’s up sweetie!… I love your makeup!... oh, she thinks she’s so cute, she’s so fake” you know, typical girlie girl actions. However, there’s something about Mary—I mean Paris Carney that makes me say “awww, she’s adorable!” I don’t know why. I wish it wouldn’t happen. I used to, silently in my head think, those girls are so not me!! Now I’m…
After leaving the room and reviewing my life on a cassette tape, well. I guess it’s not so bad. I think she’s adorable and I’m gonna say it! Paris Carney is adorable! :) Whew, that was a load off my right shoulder (that’s a Nick Thune joke, he’s the best) I couldn’t help but mention a guy during my semi-girl power post. Weird. But, normal for me.
This post is super short, but that’s ok, right? Right? No? Oh, you were yawning and couldn’t talk, but wanted to with the first right that I said? Thanks.
Until next time!

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