Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hey-ooo!! What is up… & down? (I feel like down gets left out a lot… even though down might be a little sad to hang out with, that’s no reason to leave down out) I know, that was too long. Any who, I thought I would post something about a certain something that I’m not getting enough of… SLEEP! I’m losing sleep dramatically, like literally, in a very dramatic way. I’ll give you a reenactment of the past few weeks:
Me: oh! Sleep, um… wow, this is awkward, I, I guess you want to go to bed now huh?
Sleep: well… I think you’re smart enough to know that that’s ALL I ever want. You used to not be able to get enough of me… now, you’re turning me away! For what! For—
Me: For what? For what?! I just want to stay awake and see what’s on after 1:30 in the morning
Sleep: I think you already know, it’s those stupid infomercials. You know, it’s one thing if your passing me up AGAIN for actual important things like your homework or saving a life, but you’re just up to be up. All you do is talk to yourself in the form of inanimate objects—
Me: THAT! Is some statement and it’s not true… (yes it is)
Sleep: yeah, right... I’ll leave you alone, bet you’ll pay. It’ll only affect you in the coming weeks, you’ll feel it eventual and you’ll come crawling back to bed. Ha. ha ha. Mwhahaha a ha!
So yeah, I’m finding out that I need sleep. Oh! a dog just jumped by with ears like a rabbit!... I need sleep a lot. So, I hope everyone reading this takes it as a cautionary tale and gets some sleep!
Think I’ll keep this post short, I can always come back and write something if I feel like it or if you start begging me… you won’t?... Oh (sad face while I slowly turn away from my computer for a few minutes…. Then come back to sign off)
Until next time!

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