Thursday, November 4, 2010

First! And Yooouurr’ee In!

Hey there party peeps! (I mean the bad marshmallow peeps I ate last night that seem to be having a party in my stomach, stop it already!) I thought I would discuss the number first with you and tell you about a couple things that I love right now and how I was first introduced to them.
First first is the amazing rock/blues/jazz band called Carney! I love these guys. not in a crush way, like you would expect, but the music is absolutely to not die for because you want to stay alive and listen. They are amazing musicians, and lead singer Reeve Carney has such an amazing voice sometimes I think I may start tearing up when im’ listen…sorry, getting too girlie. Any who, The lead guitarist, Zane, is also Reeve’s brother. The Bassist is Aiden Moore and on the drums is Jon Epcar. They’re amazing, if you’ve never heard of them, check them out! now! Stop reading this and go (don’t really go, it was a test to see if you would stay…hello? Dang it!) any way, I first heard of them, and im embarrassed about it now, obviously not that much, cause im telling you, but… I was watching Fuse and they said “which video won this head to head, blah blah (cant remember the band) or Carney?” I thought, obviously blah blah, cause I’d heard of them. Carney won. I was thinking, how did these people get it, I don’t know who they are?! Instead of watching the video, I left the room (sorry Carney) another day, on Fuse, they said “this is a video by Carney, enjoy” I thought, well, since I left before, might as well see what I missed. I watched. I wasn’t breathing cause they were so great. Almost passed out. went on my computer to look up more Carney videos and songs. I did that because I was thinking, man I hope these guys aren’t bad, crazy, rowdy rockers (again, sorry Carney) to my happy so excited surprise, they weren’t only great musicians, but they were good people too! AND Reeve and Zane are Christians, LIKE ME! I don’t know what Jon and Aiden are, but they’re good people, and that’s all that matters… So, not even a year later, im a HUGE (felt the need to all caps that one) Carney fan! Still haven’t gone to a live show, but really want to. I love Carney, and that’s how I found out about them.
Next, I’ll tell you the first time I heard about comedian Nick Thune… (this may be less funny and more heartfelt because he really helped me learn to laugh…aww)
I was watching The Jay Leno Show, and anytime a comic is on a late night show, I always watch. I didn’t really used to laugh then, I just smiled, but I never saw anything that fit my sense of humor. I definitely didn’t know anything about comedians, except the big names like Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, etc. Well, on Jay, I see a guy playing a guitar and sitting down. I wondered why he was playing a guitar? He said his first joke, and a new feeling came about me (why do I sound like im from Shakespeare days England?) I was actually laughing! He kept going, I kept laughing actually out loud! Gasp! LOL! I didn’t want his segment to end… but it did, crazy right?! who knew. Afterwards I went straight to my computer to look him up. I wanted to remember his name. After I found more seriously hilarious videos, I made sure not to miss a single Jay Leno Show appearance. Even if I had to secretly stop recording one of my mom’s shows on the DVR because only two shows could be recording at once. Sorry. I wasn’t missing Nick. Now, thanks to him, I love comedy, I can laugh at things, and im a HUGE (all caps again, but im not yelling)* fan of his. Fortunately, he lives in the L.A. area, so… I have been to a few of his shows. So, he’s hilarious, AND super nice! Nick is my favorite comedian. I do like others though, in no particular order: Bo Burnham, Daniel Tosh, Donald Glover, Moranzio Vance, Morgan Murphy, Anthony Jeselnik, Julian McCullough, Jimmy Fallon, more that I can’t think of, annnd, as of yesterday, Adam Newman. Adam is really funny, I was watching videos of his stand up instead of doing homework (bad student I know, but happy me, so… I think im more important than college) Actually, that reminds me, I need to watch more of Adam’s videos, I haven’t seen enough yet (why does that sound so creepy?) Any who, Nick Thune helped me figure out that I love sarcasm, and his style is a cool observational, word play, sarcasm, otherwise known as hilarity! So thanks Nick Thune for letting me laugh :D
How awesome would that be if Carney and Nick saw this! (don’t get your hopes up, they won’t)    ;(* maybe… but that would be awesome! Really awesome!
Thanks for reading this crazy long post, any questions?... comment! Any comments?...comment! wanna tell me how weird I am for always talking to myself?...comment! wanna know more about these amazing people?...look it up!...and comment!
BTW sorry if this is so long, im sure I’ve lost some of you… (sad now)
Until you read again!
* = Nick Thune joke reference. look him, the other comedians I mentioned and Carney up now! im finished with this post

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