Wednesday, November 10, 2010

oatmeal. no, sorry definitely not oatmeal

Hey Party People!...oh, stop yelling cause the party people are sleeping and probably still have a hangover? Ok. Well then, hey people that are like me, normal! At least in a sense right, let’s face it, I’m a little weird. Any who, this post will be over in a snap, so everyone who’s eating oatmeal can go back to their oatmeal in just a few seconds after reading this…yes, I know, everyone reading this right now is eating oatmeal. My demographic chart told me that. Honestly, I’m eating oatmeal as I type this (not true) I’m typing one handed because I can’t stop eating oatmeal at all times. That means one hand is holding the bowl, and the other is scooping it into the whole on my face. (do the math) But hey, listen, I say that because I know you weren’t listening before. Wait! Listen, this post is not about oatmeal, I’m not sponsoring them. But Quaker Oats is really good, just saying. This post is about things to come….
Don’t the dots make it more whispery and magical? I thought so. Right now, I’m in school and can’t really do a lot of things separate from school (except go to comedy shows anytime Nick Thune is headlining and go to concerts spur of the moment) not a lot of free time. However, when I break free, I’ll start doing the things I wanted to do and the whole reason I started this thing. I won’t tell you now, it’ll be a surprise! Hope I’m not setting anyone up for a big letdown (I am aren’t i)
Up till now, this has just been a…fun thing to do and sort of like a public diary (yes, this is exactly the way i talk to myself in my diary) (that’s a lie…I don’t have a diary, I think they’re weird. This blog will do for me)
Anyway, stuff will happen in December…it could be Christmas, it could be the start of winter, who knows. Either way, STUFF WILL HAPPEN!
Until next time!
P.S. I’m getting better with cutting these shorter, no?

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