Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yes I do. (no I don’t)

Hey there one person who’s read this (if you’re reading this you’re probably the only eyes looking at this right? even if there is more than one person reading this (highly unlikely)) . I thought I’d talk about something that’s bothering me as I type this. Right now. At this time (redundant?) The person sitting next to me, no, not my imaginary friend, they left me a long time ago. It had the nerve to say I was too weird. HUH! This coming from a bunnpupakey…any who, the person next to me just read aloud from the computers interweb, saying: this girl is saying she doesn’t want to do this blah, blah, blah anymore (I phased out cause I didn’t care). Ok, whatever, this person is talking about some girl this person doesn’t know, fine. What’s not fine, is that this person openly hates and talks about those who are into celebrity everything and yet says (around the noble, hard working, reading books, type of people) “im not into that kind of stuff, tv is such a waste of time, it’s sickening”
I hate it when someone says one thing and does the exact other. Accept who you are and what you like! Why change yourself just because you don’t know what other people may think! that’s the great part, you DON’T know. So if you do something, you won’t hear their thoughts making fun of you. Just say what you mean and you won’t look stu…like you’re lying(covering myself just in case they happen to see this)…oh, they’ll already know I'm talking about them? Probably. Do i care? Yes. Will I stop? No. So you don’t care? No, I do care, but I won’t stop, and I’ll feel bad about it when/if they see this. I’ll get over it and sarcasm my way out of it. Can you use Sarcasm as a verb? Well, if I think about. Do you feel bad about typing this while this person is right next to you on the other computer? Yes, that’s why I may just stop. Will you? Yes. Why are you taking/asking so many questions about yourself? The people want to know. Do they? Yes. Do they? Maybe. DO THEY? No.
Ok, question time over, that reporter asking questions was getting annoying…fast! I thought this would last longer, but it didn’t. I guess I really wasn’t that angry about it, otherwise I would’ve gone on a big rant lasting… you don’t want to know.
If you have anyone (sorry, I meant know. No one OWNS people, unless you’re a serial killer, then you can say that) who is the same way, leave a comment! I want to hear from those who read this lil blogy wogy (previous post reference woo!)
See ya, or, read the comment aboutcha later!

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