Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Food & Fight

So, I more than likely won’t post anything on Thanksgiving Day because I’ll be busy. (I won’t be busy. I don’t cook. My mom does. I just wait for something to be ready while I laze around the house) So, I’ll just talk about Thanksgiving today! Let’s face it, with the way we commercialize everything, it’s hard to remember why exactly we celebrate Thanksgiving. I’ll tell you… hmm…I…well…I don’t remember. So, I’ll talk about food, the thing we all look forward to and the second REAL reason of Thanksgiving.
Yes, if I could, I’m pretty sure I could eat an entire sweet potato pie every day (I’m exaggerating. I get bored easily) I love sweet potato pie so much, that after Thanksgiving, that’s all I eat for breakfast and lunch. NO LIE. Other than pie though, I like cranberry sauce, dressing, turkey… and other stuff. I literally eat something called stuff.
As good as the food is, let’s face it (am I saying that a lot?) with any holiday comes the family. When family gets together, STUFF happens (stuff, get out of here, I’ll eat you tomorrow) Family arguments, to put it lightly, will always happen in every single family’s house on Thanksgiving. My family usually argues when they’re in the kitchen making dinner. It will typically start like so:
Where did you put the milk?
What did you do with the milk?
I used it
I got that for MY dish
Well, I didn’t know
Why do you always say I don’t know?!
I don’t always say that. Besides, it’s not my fault, you should have told me!
Well why didn’t you ask? You knew you didn’t buy it!
Yeah but I didn’t know! Why do you always attack me! You wouldn’t do that if “they” were here!
What are you talking about! You’re crazy!
I’m crazy?! You’re nothing but evil!
Right, ok, I’m evil… whatever
And so on and so on… sorry, I said so on twice because I couldn’t hear myself think, much like how it will be tomorrow because it’ll be too loud! Hey-oh! (hope they don’t read this) I’m sure something like this happens in YOUR house. Whether it’s direct, or passive, something like this happens all the time. Oh family stuff (stuff, I thought I told you…)
So, have a Happy Thanksgiving! Or, to me, it really should be named Food & Fight Day.
Until Next Time
P.S. I’ve been known to exaggerate a couple times in my life….oh! But! Of course I wouldn’t be lying on here! What?! Never!

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