Friday, November 26, 2010

Stomach Pains

So… how was your… yesterday? I don’t think I need to say what day it was, I think our stomachs can tell of the bittersweet day for them. I believe stomachs all across the world… all across America get super excited for Thanksgiving, then when we all finally take the first few bites or the first course, they get happy. However, there are always more courses, and always more desert. That’s when I think Thanksgiving turns into a horror movie for them. We constantly stuff them even though they’re full! Even though they say “I’ve had enough,” we still put more in our poor, poor stomachs. After the gruesome deed is done, we lay around complaining our stomachs hurt, but, what do our stomachs say? They hate us for what we’ve just done to them, so they make us pay with after Thanksgiving pains.
It’s a sad day for stomachs everywhere… in America (I always feel if America does something, so does the world. Is that wrong?) But, hey I did it last night, it was oh so good. “It” stands for every single thing I ate. I'll show you a pic of the turkey my mom made later. It. was. gorgeous!!

So, this one will stay short, gotta go “hang” with the fam. Maybe I’ll come back later… maybe not
Until Next Time!

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