Monday, November 22, 2010

Love & Other Annoyances

Hello, hello! I knew I needed to say that twice because you didn’t hear me the first time. If you’ve been reading this, then you’ll know I’ve just found out about an amazing band called The Brobecks! Well, I’ve finally taken the plunge, or “sold out to the man” and got an itunes account. The Brobecks Violent Things was only available there, and I knew I couldn’t get my hands on an actual copy of the CD. So, I had to do it the new way, through downloading. It was weird. But… I’m sooooo happy I have it! Hence the many o’s in so. I love it. I love them. I love my dogs. So yeah, this one’s ears are extremely happy. I can only hope that they will have a concert in LA sometime soon. I would LOVE to go. I would also LIVE to go (if you’re going anywhere, it would be best to be alive first)
That’s really all I’ll talk about right now. I’m pretty bothered (in a Jimmy Fallon impression of Robert Pattinson voice) and annoyed by other circumstances around me at the time. But hey, that’s what music is for, to drown out the things you don’t want to hear because someone is being unfairly critical, naive, and ignorant to what’s really happening…what? Believe me, I’m fine, I don’t need someone to talk to… oh, you weren’t asking and you didn’t think this was a cry for help until I said it right now? Yeah, I totally understand what you’re talking about. Really, I’m fine (honestly kidding about that whole thing… they may be reading this shhh)
So, the moral of this post is… listen to The Brobecks!! They’re great! Also, just for a little information, Dallon Weekes (lead singer/songwriter/bassist for The Brobecks) is Panic! at the Disco’s bassist for now. I hope he joins, but also still keeps The Brobecks. Did I mention that I love this band? Excuse me while I eat, and simultaneously listen to… I think you know (The Brobecks, I didn’t want to leave that open in case you didn’t)
Until next time!
P.S. I still love Carney, even though I haven’t been talking about them all that much lately

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