Thursday, November 18, 2010

Panic! at the Disco

This post will be a bit different, it’ll be super short, so…
Thought I'd post some of my favorite Panic! at the Disco cover songs. If you don’t like them, start. If you don’t know them, look/listen here:
panic!'s karma police cover (this one also has another song of theirs on it)

Brendon's in my eyes cover (he sounds young here, but it's still great)

panic's tonight, tonight cover (again, another song of theirs is on it)

Brendon's It's so nice cover (this one shows off his beautiful voice)

Brendon's first try (I believe this one is a Brendon original as a younger guy again)

so, check them out, tell me what you think, I love Panic! and can't wait for them to come back!! which should be soon...

Until next time!

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