Tuesday, November 2, 2010

dot, dot, dot to form a picture

So...im bored and thought, hey! why not try and solve global warming while getting everybody health care. then i thought, wait! the professionals are doing such a good job at it, why spoil their fun! (you're welcome professionals)
So, instead, i thought i'd talk about half of my favorite subject... music! P.S. the other is comedy. I am absolutely in love with the music of this great fantastic band called Carney located here www.carneyband.com (did the link work?) Well, while listening to these fantastic songs called All Right, Love and Betray, & Happiness I drew some very bad, computer painted, pictures.

this is called Happiness Rainstorm!
this is called It's All Right to Love and Betray Sulk (it's a person w/ their hands on their face & legs folded)
By the way, these pictures look messy on purpose...im telling the truth (no you're not!...YOU LIE!) Im not lying, i kinda like the...never mind

...Yes, yes i know they look bad, my only reason for putting them up is because I want to see what you (J.D. do you mean yourself because you know you're probably the only person who will see this?) will say or think about it. Tell me, honestly, good and bad, i don't mind, just comment. I just like knowing someone saw this lil blogy wogy in it's baby form. aww, look at it's chubby cheeks! (it's not that cute, im just being nice) Are these pictures artsy? Or just stupid? hmm, there's a thin line, a very thin line.

Well, that goes it for this post, Im still working out the kinks and what exactly i want to do with this thing. I promise I'll try and kick out that random person who keeps interrupting me in parentheses form, and making snide remarks (no you won't) ...you're right, i won't. Any who, I'll talk more about my favorite music, Carney included, and my favorite comedians...I'll tell you now, it's Nick Thune....Whoops, did i ruin the surprise?
Thanks for visiting! Have a great day, or depending on when you read this, night!
P.S. dont forget to comment, i need attention (mad low self esteem... just kidding, dont send the cops over here)
outer body mind, outer body heart,
P.P.S. (anyone think this ending is going on too long?)

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