Saturday, November 20, 2010

Him and Her (the only one's in the world)

This is a poem I wrote… right now! Tell me what you think!

Him and Her (The Only One's in the World)
Here is a tale, fashioned in a poem not a song:
He waits for her, night and day, day, day.
Hoping she won’t go away, way, way.
He loves her so much & won’t leave her for long
But oh! wait! Sorry, did I forget to say
That he doesn’t know her and she’s too far to wait?
He knows her in the way she swoons,
The things she does,
And the way she moves
She, like someone who passes on the street,
Doesn’t know he’s alive
Almost sees him like dead meat.
It doesn’t mean she’s not a good gal,
Just that, he’s a stranger, oh welly well, well.
But for him, she’s more, yes, much, much more,
He can’t help but watch and…you know, adore.
He doesn’t know how to meet her, or greet her, if so,
He would have stopped by, to a show, a long time ago.
So, time passes by,
As he grows further to die.
Wanting to say hi,
But, alas is too shy.
She will also grow further to die,
As we all will with time.
Maybe she’ll find him,
Maybe…. He’ll try.
Maybe… just maybe,
Hey, anything’s possible

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