Friday, November 19, 2010

Woah! Bro!…becks! See what I did there?... You will

Hey-o!! I’m in an amazing mood right now :) you guys… only one person is reading this? Well, then you. I’ve just discovered (as in I found out, not that I created something out of nothing) an absolutely GREAT BAND called THE BROBECKS. I’m so serious that I’m yelling as I type this, hence ALL CAPS!... sorry, I’ll try to calm down. I love this band so much already, and I just heard them for the first time yesterday! I want to go to a show, I want to meet Dallon (lead singer w/ an amazing voice and quite funny), and I... oh, um I guess that’s it. NOO! I remember, I need to get their CD. Unfortunately for me, it’s on itunes, and I don’t have an itunes account, I like to hold a CD in my small, long fingered, cold, dry hands. You know? You have dry hands too?! Oh, I was kidding about that anyway… (cough)
Any who, I am completely willing to set up an account to get this “CD” Violent Things. While I’m there, I think I’ll get Paris Carney’s Carried Away too! Note: Paris’s style is completely different than The Brobecks, just so you know. I have a wide range of musical taste (does that sound right?) I’m good like that. Oh, except for that crazy, summoning the devil, screaming rock, will not go there.
So, yeah, I’m in love with The Brobecks (purely in a non-crush way even though I used the words I’m and in and love, and with and the. The is such a strong word) I always feel the need to say I like someone in a non-crush way, cause 1) I seem to usually like the guys, 2) cause that’s how most female fans are, and I'm not a most of ANYTHING 3) I wanted to make a 3 spot…
Until next time!
p.s. tell me what you (literally) think!

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